Green chemicals and technologies for the wood-to-textile value chain


The GRETE project aims to develop new and better technologies for wood pulp modification, cellulose dissolution and fibre quality generation complying sustainability requirements and market needs.

Currently the raw material base to produce man-made cellulose fibres is limited, as only dissolving grade wood pulps are used commonly. The project will tackle this by widening the sustainable raw material basis for man-made cellulose fibres by including paper grade pulps. In addition, the solvent systems used to produce commercial man-made cellulose fibres are based on toxic and explosive chemicals; the GRETE processing technologies will increase safety, sustainability and feasibility of man-made cellulose fibre manufacturing.

The issues addressed by the project play a significant role in developing sustainable and green technologies for the European industry. The partners of the project are strongly committed to face the challenge and achieve the ambitious results, supported by a dedicated stakeholder group with the aim to foster strategic decision-making.



The overall objective of the GRETE project is to improve the existing wood-to-textile value chains by developing breakthrough technologies that can open up the identified bottlenecks and enable increased production of man-made cellulose fibres in Europe.

  • Enlarge raw material basis for the textile industry
  • Develop unparalleled solvents
  • Develop high quality regenerated cellulose fibres
  • Develop different approaches to create fibres with novel functionalities
  • Reduced environmental impacts from fabrics production
  • Reduced water consumption during textile processing
  • Engage stakeholders, consumers and interest groups, increasing awareness on bio-based solutions.
  • Support European competitiveness and employment

GRETE will:

  • Improve technological performance of existing biorefining operations
  • Reduce biorefineries’ capital and operating costs
  • Reduce the environmental footprint of biorefining operations in terms of greenhouse gas emissions and resource efficiency

Project achievements & milestones

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