Success story overview

20 April 2022

The CBE JU-funded project is on a quest to revolutionise the European wood industry with the Sunburst™ Fractionation Technology, a highly innovative method that extracts lignin and sugars from wood residues to convert them into new bio-based products and materials.

14 March 2022

Europe is suffering from a shortage of protein for animal feed. The SYLFEED project innovative method creates protein-rich fish feed from wood by-products.

01 March 2022

Among the many problems with plastic, it’s manufactured from a fossil resource. The BBI JU-funded EUCALIVA project has developed a sustainable alternative that grows on trees.

BBI JU eucaliva trees
27 January 2022

Current regulations are pushing for sustainable packaging to replace fossil-based plastic packaging with bio-based materials. The BBI JU-funded SHERPACK project thinks cellulosic materials will fit the bill.

BBI JU-funded SHERPACK project: A new biodegradable, recyclable, flexible paper-based packaging joins the circular economy
25 January 2022

Food waste has reached colossal proportions, and the magnitude of the problem requires equally massive resources with the potential to supply sustainable answers. What better than the dynamic digital databases and advanced analytics we literally have access to 'at our fingertips'.

MODEL2BIO: Digital technologies rescue food from landfill
20 January 2022

What to do with the non-biodegradable plastics used in food packaging and agriculture? Researchers are turning their attention to microorganisms, enzymes, earthworms and insects to break down plastics.

Meet nature’s plastic eaters, by RECOVER, BIZENTE and ENZYCLE
04 January 2022

While fighting food waste is a year-round mission, it is more important than ever around the holidays. See how the BBI JU-funded AgriMax project is working to make the most of organic waste.

09 December 2021

A lot of agricultural waste is thrown away or used for low-value applications. New extraction processes mean that mushroom waste will be contributing to the circular bio-based economy.

16 November 2021

Do you wonder where your clothes come from? The material they’re made of and how they are produced? Most of us don’t, but if we did, we might get a bit uneasy. Luckily, research is helping the fashion industry to take the lead in embracing the circular economy.

10 November 2021

BBI JU-funded researchers and industry are putting insects to work – from termites that destroy wooden buildings to insect larvae that are outstanding natural waste converters. Packaging, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and animal feed are just some of the products they are beetling away to make for us.