Success story overview

27 December 2021

While fighting food waste is a year-round mission, it is more important than ever around the holidays. See how the BBI JU-funded AgriMax project is working to make the most of organic waste.

09 December 2021

A lot of agricultural waste is thrown away or used for low-value applications. New extraction processes mean that mushroom waste will be contributing to the circular bio-based economy.

16 November 2021

Do you wonder where your clothes come from? The material they’re made of and how they are produced? Most of us don’t, but if we did, we might get a bit uneasy. Luckily, research is helping the fashion industry to take the lead in embracing the circular economy.

10 November 2021

BBI JU-funded researchers and industry are putting insects to work – from termites that destroy wooden buildings to insect larvae that are outstanding natural waste converters. Packaging, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and animal feed are just some of the products they are beetling away to make for us.

19 August 2021

EU-funded researchers have developed new value chains for creating novel sustainable products from bio-based waste. These will make the bio-based industry more economically viable and facilitate the transition away from a fossil fuel-based society.

22 July 2021

Trees, crops and even organic waste can be transformed into a bewildering array of plastics to use in products ranging from single-use bags to heavy-duty aeroplane wings.

SSUCHY bio-based aircrafts
24 June 2021

The organic fraction from municipal solid waste could provide high-value chemicals for a range of industries. BBI JU-funded companies and researchers successfully extracted a variety of useful products such as solvents and plastics from organic waste, helping bio-based economy carve out a more sustainable future.

08 June 2021

Inexpensive, fossil fuel-based coated plastics keep foods fresher and safer for consumption, but their detrimental impact on the environment may outweigh their benefits. The BBI JU-funded REFUCOAT project has advanced bio-based alternatives leveraging microorganisms and natural metabolites.

27 May 2021

The BBI JU-funded BIOBRIDGES project has established partnerships between brand owners, industries and consumers to foster acceptance and uptake of bio-based products to consumer markets, creating new bio-based value chains.

07 May 2021

Solvents are ubiquitous in everyday life – from paints, personal care products and pharmaceuticals to cleaning products and inks. A new generation of bio-based solvents will now replace certain harmful, carcinogenic, toxic elements to make chemical processes more sustainable.