Sustainable multifunctional fertiliser – combining bio-coatings, probiotics and struvite for phosphorus and iron supply


SUSFERT will develop multifunctional fertilisers for phosphorus and iron supply. Phosphorus is essential for crop production but is currently based on non-renewable resources. The SUSFERT project will develop sustainable new sources for novel fertilisers to partly or fully replace existing sources.

Specifically, it will reduce non-renewable phosphorus in fertilisers by 40 per cent, replace synthetic chelates for iron fertilisation, replace synthetic controlled release coatings and produce four compound fertilisers.



The overall objective for SUSFERT is to develop multifunctional fertilisers for phosphorus and iron supply that fit into existing production processes and EU agricultural practice. The specific objectives are to:

  • Obtain compatible probiotic and sustainable solutions for phosphorus and iron fertilisation;
  • Achieve cost effective enzymatically-modified lignin based coatings for product stabilisation and controlled release;
  • Produce microbial siderophore for use in fertilisers using a specifically-developed demonstration plant;
  • Develop and produce at least four fertiliser products that are fitting current production and existing application technology;
  • Obtain registration dossiers for organic formulations, granule, microgranule and liquid fertiliser solutions developed, following relevant field trials;
  • Identify the economic and environmental impact of SUSFERT products, their sustainability, any potential barriers to uptake and opportunities for their adaptation.

The SUSFERT project plans to:

  • Decrease existing dependence on rock phosphorus by 40%;
  • Valorise waste and by-products, increasing circular economy effects;
  • Reduce soil contamination;
  • Establish local value chains, contributing to rural communities;
  • Demonstrate novel green technologies.

Project achievements & milestones

Disrupting EU dependence on imported fertiliser compounds
09 May 2019
BBI JU SUSFERT project’s highly sustainable bio-based fertilisers will replace conventional products, which are depending heavily on imported rock phosphate, and will valorise waste and by-products of several industries to strengthen the European circular economy.  Read more