Central European Leaders of Bioeconomy Network


The Central Europe LEaders in Bioeconomy (CELEBio) project aims at strengthening the enabling environment for bio-based businesses in eight countries of Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe that, according to the EU Innovation Scoreboard, are “moderate or modest innovators” and that register scarcer interest for the activities and opportunities offered by BIC and BBI-JU.

This goal will be pursued by compiling and sharing fact-based information as well as by promoting networking among stakeholders in a broader regional and continental scope.

The main objective of CELEBio is therefore to contribute to encourage the uptake of Bioeconomy in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Slovak Republic and Slovenia through the elaboration of evidence-based Action Plans for each of the targeted countries, as well as through the dissemination of information on the opportunities offered by BBI. To this end, the CELEBio project team will support the setting-up of a network of BBI info points (BBI Ambassadors). In order to set the grounds for further action in support of the uptake of bio-based technologies and facilitate matchmaking between stakeholders in research and industry, the CELEBio project team will map Bioeconomy stakeholders.


  • Assess and map sustainable biomass potentials, building on the vast existing expertise, data and insights already gathered. This will be presented in a report on the potential for each target country. It will also produce a report on biomass availability for the other countries mentioned in the call.
  • Map the bio-based industries in the target countries and the major actors in each of them. This information will be gathered in a series of comprehensive reports – one for each country – along with a SWOT analysis, both for the individual countries and the region. Additionally, a report on the structure of the existing bioeconomy value chains for the other countries mentioned in the call will be produced.
  • Work with national and local stakeholders to develop action plans for bioeconomy uptake in the target countries. These will be compiled into a report. A regional action plan covering the other countries mentioned in the call will be defined.
  • Establish a network of six national info points in the target countries, designated as ‘BBI Ambassadors’ and organise six national workshops to promote the opportunities of the BBI to relevant stakeholders as well as one regional conference for CEI (Central European Initiative) countries.

For BBI JU & BIC: Better information on actual capacities and potentials in target countries, which imply also better understanding of the hurdles and the possibility to jointly develop measures to mitigate or remove them.

For target countries: Better understanding of the support instruments offered by BBI JU & BIC, as well as of the potential positive impacts of bio-based industry on their economies and societies.

For stakeholders: Improved information flow, better coordination, new opportunities.