Increase public awareness of bio-based products and applications supporting the growth of the European bioeconomy


The European bio-economy is an exciting prospect; BIOWAYS will provide the materials and activities to engage the public and excite them about its potential.

The project will analyse the potential of the sector and identify champions to help increase its visibility. It will also identify and develop a method for ensuring there is ongoing communication on the value of bio-based products. Its other role is to help build constructive dialogue between BIOWAYS and the other bio-based initiatives in Horizon 2020.

BIOWAYS will oversee the development of educational materials on the benefits of the bio-economy, while helping to ensure that the BBI JU programme as a whole is implemented effectively.


  • Analyse and understand the potential of bio-based products and bio-based stakeholders to create sustainable multidisciplinary communities to enhance the visibility of bio-based products and applications.
  • Develop, stimulate and support a permanent mechanism of communication on general bio-based and scientific knowledge (in an accessible, non-scientific way) for citizens in order to enhance their awareness about bio-based products and applications and to increase the societal confidence related to bio-based products and industries.
  • Establish channels of communication between BIOWAYS and other communication programmes on bio-based products
  • Develop added-value teaching materials for use in educational systems.
  • Contribute to the better implementation of the BBI JU programme.
  • Increase awareness amongst Europe’s general public, students, scientists, media and policy makers of the value of bio-based products and applications to industry, the economy and the whole of the wider society, both in terms of what they deliver now and in terms of their future potential.
  • Promote collaboration of research effort with complementary projects and researchers.
  • Increase the opportunities for further funding into more research or seed investment for commercial roll-out.
  • Increase awareness of a particular challenge or opportunity, thus promoting further scientific research.
  • Inspire young scientists to become involved in bio-based scientific research.
  • Increase female interest toward science
  • Encourage contacts and exchanges among researchers and the bio-based industry. As a result of the project’s recommendations, the European bio-based industry could benefit from new demand-led scientific discoveries creating new markets and increasing competitiveness.

Project achievements & milestones

BioWatch: A one-stop shop for bio-based research
16 October 2018
A new interactive online platform helps to increase awareness of innovations in the bioeconomy sector. Read more

BIOWAYS launches a game quiz focused on bioeconomy
December 2017
Put your knowledge of bioeconomy to the test! In the latest game quiz developed by BIOWAYS project. Start playing