Accelerating and supporting business development of bio-based industries and downstream sectors


The bio-based economy thrives on integrated value chains that cross sectoral barriers, oriented to developing products driven by societal needs. These require sectors to collaborate across these bio-based value chains, from feedstock to products. Rather than hope they will form spontaneously, it can be advantageous to stimulate their development.

The BiOPEN project is a specialised consortium made up of five European bio-based clusters, three open innovation expert companies, and one research centre. It intends to drive a programme of collaboration and knowledge sharing within the bio-based industry. This will stimulate innovation partnerships for developing new products and markets in the sector. In so doing, it will provide a single voice for the bio-based industries in Europe, bringing together expertise and promoting engagement and involvement of industry, researchers and academia at European and national level, by setting up an Open innovation platform addressing strategic cross-cutting challenges.



The BiOPEN project has the following objectives:

  • To conduct five perspective studies on new bio-based products and markets, examining the entire value chain. These studies will define the ecosystem of stakeholders required to develop these co-innovation partnerships, as well as defining the market and societal needs that will drive the value chains.
  • To establish an open innovation platform to match-make projects and share knowledge and create a ‘network of networks’. It will provide a knowledge centre that will allow participants to share information, collecting the insights of the community, and access a semantic search engine that can search millions of patents, scientific papers, organisations, and other relevant information.
  • To establish at least 20 co-innovation partnerships for developing new bio-based products and markets through on-line matchmaking, brokerage events and direct support in structuring the collaborations.

To disseminate the activities and results of the project to maximise the impact and guarantee sustainability of the Open Innovation platform.


The BiOPEN project aims to realise the full potential expects of the bio-based industry in Europe with the following impacts:

  • It will establish an efficient, collaborative and common platform that bring together the professionals and scientific experts around bio-based products development and downstream applications. This will help build a common vision and prospective of the challenge ahead.
  • It will establish a knowledge and Innovation Centre, with a web platform, assisting scientists and economic operators to develop new solutions suited to the market's current and future needs.
  • It will undertake a series perspective studies on major applications sectors of the bio-economy.
  • It will create at least ten new co-innovation partnerships

It will ensure that the Open Innovation platform continues beyond the lifespan of the project.