Bridging Consumers, Brands and Bio Based Industry to improve the market of sustainable bio-based products


In addition to the price tag, public acceptance of bio-based products depends on a variety of factors including their social, economic and environmental impact. Conflicts can emerge where specialised bio economy clusters develop as well as around individual biorefinery plants.

The BIOBRIDGES project aims to boost the marketability of bio-based products by establishing close cooperation and partnership between bio-based Industries, brand owners and consumers’ representatives. The ultimate goal is to stimulate and support engagement and interaction among stakeholders, particularly local communities and local authorities and to improve the market acceptance of bio-based products.

BIOBRIDGES will design and implement replicable methodologies, procedures and good practices while supporting multi stakeholder interaction, leading to new cross-sector partnerships.



The overall objective of the BIOBRIDGES project is to ensure the marketability of bio-based products by establishing primary partnerships between Bio-based Industries, Brand owners and consumer representatives in cooperation with other stakeholders including local communities, local authorities and industrial actors. Specifically it sets out to:

  • Identify and analyse the cooperation challenges among consumers, brand owners and bio-based industries;
  • Increase consumers’ and brand owners’ confidence, trust and benefits’ awareness (Social, Environmental and Economic) and improved performance of bio-based products compared to the fossil-based counterparts;
  • Establish primary partnerships between consumers’ representative, brand owners and bio-based industries to foster the acceptance and uptake of bio-based products to consumer markets, thus creating new bio-based value chains;
  • Create at least 2 new cross-cutting interconnections in bio-based economy clusters;
  • Define replicable procedures and good practices leading to the establishment of new cross-sector partnerships and business opportunities and cooperation brands/bio-based industries;
  • Stimulate the multi-stakeholders discussion toward pre-and co-normative research, new standardisation/labelling and emerging co-creation models (B2B and B2C)

The BIOBRIDGES project expects to have the following impacts. It will:

  • Contribute to creating at least two new cross-sector interconnections in bio-based economy clusters and define replicable procedures and good practices leading to the establishment of new cross-sector partnerships and business opportunities;
  • Increase higher brand owners’ involvement in and commitment to the bio economy, increasing the marketability of bio-based products;
  • Deliver higher consumer awareness of sustainability and of the opportunities associated with bio-based products with better features and improved performance compared with the relevant fossil-based counterparts.