Project Management

Horizon 2020 project management

  • The Annotated Model Grant Agreement is a practical user guide that explains the General Horizon 2020 Model Grant Agreement article by article and provides examples. 
  • The Horizon 2020 online manual provides relevant information on project management, since BBI JU follows most Horizon 2020 rules. 
  • The Grant management section of the manual covers such aspects as keeping records, amendments, reporting & payment requests, deliverables, reviews and audits.
  • The Periodic reports section of the manual gives detailed guidance and templates for reporting.
  • Periodic report template - Word version, includes BBI JU-specific information and tips & tricks.

BBI JU-specific information

Communication, dissemination, exploitation

  • Communication guidelines for BBI JU projects detail the communication obligations and opportunities, as well as provide links to further guidance.
  • The Horizon Results Platform is a free online space where projects can advertise their key exploitable results to their target audiences. A user guide provides more information.
  • The Horizon Results Booster offers free consulting services to projects willing to step up their dissemination and exploitation efforts. These include creating a results portfolio, drafting a and implementing a common dissemination strategy for a cluster of projects, improving the exploitation plan, supporting the development of a business plan, as well as coaching on market activities.
  • The Intellectual Property Booster is a specialised professional IP service for public research organisations looking to increase value from their research results at no cost. These services include: initial IP audit; patent landscaping; IP evaluation or due diligence; patents, design and trademark applications; negotiation of the technology transfer.
  • Making the Most of Your H2020 Project – this brochure shows how to boost the impact of your project thorough effective communication, dissemination and exploitation.
  • Slides for projects - a set of useful slides about CBE JU and the achievements of BBI JU.
  • BBI JU logos - high resolution
  • BBI JU logos - low resolution