BBI JU Synergy Label

CBE JU is currently evaluating the results of the BBI JU Synergy Label pilot and will build a similar initiative based on the lessons learnt.

The BBI JU Synergy Label

The BBI JU Synergy Label was a pilot initiative recognising the value and excellence of Innovation Actions submitted to the BBI JU calls for proposals. The label was awarded to proposals that received high scores during the evaluation process but did not get the call's funding due to budget limits.

Organisations participating in these proposals could benefit from the label's recognition in their search of alternative funding sources provided by EU organisations and funding bodies, Member States and regions or private organisations.

2021 BBI JU Synergy Label awardees from H2020-BBIJTI-2020 Call

2020 BBI JU Synergy Label awardees from H2020-BBIJTI-2019 Call

2019 BBI JU Synergy Label awardees from H2020-BBIJTI-2018 Call

BBI JU's support to the awardees of the label

BBI JU was awarding the Synergy Label, promoting the initiative and its awardees and providing guidance to the awarded proposal teams on relevant funding organisations.

BBI JU had also signed partnership agreements with several funding organisations with the objective to explore alternative funding support to the awarded proposals. 

BBI JU Synergy Label Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)