New Flagship topic added to updated Annual Work Plan

01 April 2016

The Annual Work Plan (AWP) and associated budget has been updated and BBI JU’s Governing Board has agreed to add an additional flagship topic under the 2016 Call for proposals, bringing forward unallocated funds from BBI JU’s 2015 budget.

The new flagship topic looks for proposals focussing on converting bio-based feedstocks into advanced materials for market applications by using chemical building blocks from biomass resources which have been drawn from waste products & side streams from woody & food crops and agricultural and forest residues.  More information and a detailed description of the challenges, scope, expected impact and indicative funding is available in the AWP (Topic reference: BBI 2016.F2).

The 2016 AWP documents the programme office’s research and innovation activities prioritised for the Call for Proposals in 2016, and provides full information on all 27 2016 Call topics, which will be officially launched later in April.

The 2016 AWP is the third in a total of seven AWPs between 2014 and 2020 and will re-focus on the need to integrate biomass feedstocks suppliers at the front end of the supply chain to create demand for biomass feedstock from industrial-level bio-refining processes.