New flagship biorefinery to receive €11.6 million BBI JU funding

01 October 2020

ReSolute, a new flagship project aiming to build a first-of-its-kind industrial plant for the production of a green, high-performing solvent from wood biomass, has received a €11.6 million grant from BBI JU. The project starts today and will run for three years. With ReSolute, BBI JU is now supporting 124 projects with €717.6 million in total. 

The ReSolute project is addressing the need for plant-based, higher-performing and safer chemicals in Europe. By converting wood biomass, mainly sawdust, into Cyrene, a novel, non-toxic and biodegradable solvent with wide application potential, the project will have a positive environmental impact.  

ReSolute is bringing the long-term experience from several pilot plants outside the EU to build a first-of-its-kind industrial plant in Europe, on a reconverted petrochemical site. It is expecting to create more than 40 direct and 120 indirect jobs in the Moselle department of France where the site will be located. 

The ReSolute project was selected for funding under the BBI JU Call for proposals 2019, along with 22 other projects. 226 beneficiaries of these projects are receiving financial support worth more than €118 million in total. Over 40% of these beneficiaries are SMEs, and they account for 57% of the overall funding, whereas nearly 30% are research centres and universities.  

Information about ReSolute 

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