New country infographics illustrate how BBI JU projects shape the European bioeconomy

28 September 2021

The new country infographics present the impacts of BBI JU-funded projects in key figures and highlight how the programme has advanced the circular bio-based economy throughout Europe.

By bringing together data since the creation of BBI JU in 2014, the infographics illustrate how BBI JU-funded projects have contributed to the progress of the bio-based industries in several EU and associated countries involved in the programme. They include key data on BBI JU beneficiaries, projects, and applications for BBI JU funding, thus showing the relevance of the initiative for each country’s bioeconomy.

'Through the infographics we clearly see that the 1,055 beneficiaries involved in BBI JU projects, with their specific expertise and know-how, significantly contribute to the development of the circular bio-based economy in their country,' said BBI JU Executive Director Philippe Mengal at the launch of the infographics. 'With their relentless work, these organisations shape not only the bioeconomy in their region, but they also contribute to the objectives of the EU Green Deal and advance the whole European bioeconomy.'

Fabio Fava, the Chairman of the BBI JU States Representatives Group, also welcomed the new infographics:

'The new country infographics highlight that in only seven years, the BBI JU programme, with the support of the European Commission, BIC, and the colleagues of the States Representatives Group, has profoundly contributed to shaping the European bioeconomy as well as national and regional economies across the continent. Figures show the high impacts of BBI JU projects, which extensively mobilised SMEs, large industries, universities, and research centres in 39 countries, thus bringing sustainable bio-based innovations into the market while boosting local economies and the regeneration of rural, coastal, and marginal areas. Thanks to the BBI JU achievements, Europe is now amongst the world bioeconomy leaders.'

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