Join BBI JU Partnering Platform and schedule one-to-one meetings

06 March 2020

You can use the Partnering Platform to look for partners for your Call 2020 proposal, exchange information and schedule meetings with them. Registration is free of charge, and it will enable you to:

  • Find profiles of other potential applicants
  • Communicate directly with tentative partners
  • Build your proposals with the help of online networking features
  • Schedule one-to-one meetings during the BBI JU Info Day 2020

How to schedule one-to-one meetings?

Meetings will be organised from 14:00 to 17:00, with slots of 15 minutes each. You can schedule up to 12 meetings during the BBI JU Info Day 2020 on 22 April 2020.

Once registered:

  1. Select the AWP 2020 Topics of your interest.
  2. Find other attendees who want to join or build a project on the same topic clicking on ‘Interested members’.
  3. Click on ‘Send meeting invitation’.

Register now and start networking!   

Register for the BBI JU Info Day