BBI JU featured in EC report evaluating the collaboration of JUs and ESI

07 June 2019

The EU's Joint Research Centre (JRC) recently published a report analysing collaboration between EU Joint Undertakings (JUs), such as the BBI JU, and the EU's Structural and Investment Funds (ESI). The BBI JU is cited multiple times in the analysis. 

The report specifically refers to examples of strategic collaboration including the Letter of Intent that the BBI JU and the Bio-Based Industry Consortium (BIC) signed with eight Polish regions to develop new bioeconomy partnerships. It also highlights the existence of informal collaboration modes between BBI JU and national and regional public authorities, from the involvement of regional actors in the JU (clusters, companies or training organisations), to developing direct informal operational collaboration activities.

The JRC also underlines the operational modes of collaboration. This includes establishing synergies in which the regions promote the participation of regional business in BBI JU’s Calls for proposals, as well as the JU’s communications activities which raise awareness on the potential of the JU – ESI funds synergies.


Find the complete report here.