BBI JU 2021 Annual Work Plan published

22 December 2020

The eighth Annual Work Plan and Budget of the Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking is now available online.

The 2021 Annual Work Plan and Budget (AWP 2021) of BBI JU sets out next year’s work towards the completion of the initiative in 2024. Although the last BBI JU call closed in September 2020, implementation of the programme will continue with a focus on developing new sustainable value chains from biomass feedstock via efficient processing, as well as on the acceptance and application of bio-based products in the end-markets.

In line with the Strategic Innovation and Research Agenda (SIRA) the AWP 2021 confirms the commitment to strengthen the participation of biomass feedstock suppliers in the value chain. Similarly, BBI JU will encourage partnerships with end-market actors to create a market pull for bio-based products.

In 2021 BBI JU’s Programme Office will continue managing well over 100 projects while preparing the grant agreements of the projects selected in the 2020 Call. With its culture of continuous improvement, the Office expects to consolidate its project management procedures while implementing corrective actions where needed.

Reporting on the BBI JU initiative’s achievements and impacts, with a focus on primary sector’s participation, as well as contribution to the EU’s policy objectives set out, among others, in the European Green Deal and the EU’s Biodiversity strategy, will be at the heart of the Programme Office’s work.

2021 will be an important year of transition: Horizon Europe, the new EU’s research and innovation programme, will enter into force. The BBI JU Programme Office will work, together with its founding partners, on the new proposed partnership Circular Bio-based Europe under Horizon Europe, by contributing to the strategic discussion with experience, data and relevant information.

Read the full 2021 Annual Work Plan and Budget