BBI JU new publication highlights initiative's achievements

08 July 2019

The new publication covers BBI JU’s key figures, mapping of project participants, as well as the JU's socio-economic and environmental impact.

BBI JU 2014-2019 Achievements of a high-impact initiative for the bioeconomy in Europe A new factsheet underlines the impact of the Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI JU) for the European bioeconomy. Bringing together data from creation of the JU in 2014, the factsheet shows that this initiative is already on track to deliver well beyond its initial 2020 targets.

Thanks to its 101 granted projects throughout Europe, this EU body is expected to exceed its targets in a range of different areas, from structuring and mobilising bio-based industry to bolstering market uptake, as well as science and knowledge creation. For example, BBI JU projects are expected to create 113 new bio-based value chains and 143 new cross-sector interconnections, well surpassing the targets which called for 10 new value chains and 36 new interconnections by 2020.

When it comes to the expected socio-economic and environmental impact, the first seven flagship biorefinery projects alone are expected to create more than 3 000 direct and 10 000 indirect jobs and leverage more than EUR 1 billion of investments from private industry. Furthermore, 66% of BBI JU’s ongoing projects contribute to waste reduction, reuse, recycling, as well as turning waste and sidestreams into added-value projects.

The brochure also includes a map of Europe with an overview of project coordinators and partners, as well as demonstration and flagship biorefinery plants, well spread over 33 countries.

Read ‘BBI JU 2014-2019 Achievements of a high-impact initiative for the bioeconomy in Europe’ here.