Meet your future colleagues

‘Working for CBE JU is much more than a job. Being part of CBE JU, supporting its mission and objectives means contributing to delivering the most ambitious EU policies for the sake of the coming generations: the European Green Deal and the green recovery plan.
Our team of committed professionals is playing a relevant role in shaping a better, more sustainable, and equal Europe.’

Philippe Mengal, Executive Director 


Ana Ruiz Sierra, Project Officer

‘The work as Project Officer in CBE JU is very dynamic: I have the possibility to learn and propose new ideas that end up in interesting and enriching activities. Additionally, the team spirit is excellent. I am strongly committed to the goals and values of CBE JU and I believe our work is very relevant to our society and planet.
Working for something you believe in is very rewarding!’


Claire Morrey, Financial and Accounting Correspondent

‘My colleagues are multi-national, multi-lingual, highly-qualified and team-spirited, which contributes to a very dynamic, sociable and interesting office environment. As my habitual work focuses on accounts, budgets, and cashflows, being part of CBE JU is a daily reminder of the broader picture: the need for a circular, bio-based economy and green solutions for our future and our planet.
I am proud to be part of that.’


Dieter Brigitta, Project Officer

‘What I like about working for CBE JU is the diversity of projects. Depending on your skills and interests, you have the opportunity to get involved in cross-cutting activities and collaborations. In my case, I am the liaison between my fellow project officers and our communications team.
Work can be intense, but when looking at the significant impact our projects are generating, and how they are contributing to a more sustainable future, you truly know and feel that you are adding value.’


Ioana Mitrofan, Financial Assistant

‘Working for CBE JU complements my everyday efforts to live sustainably. My lifestyle and interest in the circular economy are mirrored in the activities and values of CBE JU, which I fully share.
It is a pleasure to work in this dynamic environment where personal growth and career development go hand in hand.’


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