Welcome to the CBE JU vacancies page. Here you will find details of all vacancies currently available in the Circular Bio-based Europe Joint Undertaking. 

Please apply only to open vacancies. CBE JU does not consider or reply to unsolicited applications, as all vacancies are published on-line when they become available.

We would like to thank candidates for their interest in working for the Circular Bio-based Europe Joint Undertaking.

Open vacancies

Reference Title Type of contract Grade Application deadline Vacancy notice
CBE/2022/2/TA/AST/IT IT Assistant Temporary agent AST4 12/05/2022 Reserve list for IT Assistants

Ongoing selections

There are currently no ongoing selections .

Closed vacancies

Reference Title Type of contract Grade Validity of the reserve list
BBI/2021/1/FGIII/FA Financial Assistant Contract agent FGIII 31/12/2022
BBI/2021/2/AST/SREA Stakeholder Relations and Executive Assistant Temporary agent AST4 31/12/2022
BBI/2021/3/AST/CA Communication Assistant Temporary agent AST 2 31/12/2022
BBI/2022/2/INT/COM Traineeship in the Communication Team N/A N/A 31/12/2022
BBI/2022/1/INT/PU Traineeship in the Programme Unit N/A N/A 31/12/2022
BBI/2021/4/FGIV/PO Project Officer Contract agent FG IV 31/12/2023
CBE/2022/1/FGIII/AA Administrative Assistant Contract agent FGIII 31/12/2023