Workshop: Best practices in integrating primary producers in the bioeconomy value chains and boosting the development of the bioeconomy in rural areas | Brussels, Belgium

20 September 2018 to 22 September 2018
Charlemagne building, Room MANS (Sicco Mansholt), Brussels, Belgium

The workshop is organized by the European Commission, DG Agriculture and Rural Development.

The first day of the workshop will include a session of presentations from Member States on best practices in the design and the implementation of National Bioeconomy Strategies (NBES), including actions specifically targeting the integration of primary producers (farmers and forestry owners) and promoting the deployment of the BE in rural areas. The presentations will also include project examples/ typology of projects supported as an illustration of the policy choices taken at national/ regional/ local levels. This session will also focus the discussions on best practices on how to link the NBES and the National CAP Strategic plans (CAP post-2020) in order to guarantee an effective support for the deployment of the bioeconomy.

The second day of the workshop will give the opportunity to individual projects to present good and innovative business practices in building up value chains successfully involving the primary producers into the creation of added-value and redistribution of benefits. The projects will present business models that could be replicated as good practice across the board in other Member States. 

The final wrap-up session will summarize the key issues discussed during the whole workshop and will try to single out key messages to policy makers at EU, national, regional and local levels in terms of good practices in developing and implementing a successful NBES that takes fully into account the needs of primary producers in order to enable them to successfully integrate into the value chains of the bioeconomy.  

Paloma Mallorquin, BBI JU Project Officer, will give a presentation on September 20th on different business models for integrating primary producers based on the BBI JU experience.