Towards a Circular Bioeconomy in Navarra: Regional Challenges and European Opportunities | Pamplona, Spain

25 January 2019
Palacio del Condestable, Pamplona, Spain

This event will be a key debate about the role and relevance of a Sustainable Circular Bioeconomy in Navarra, Spain.

Marta Campos, BBI JU Legal and Contracting Manager, will participate in a conference on the bioeconomy in the region of Navarra and present the BBI JU initiative and funding opportunities.

The event aims to introduce to the opportunities and tools available to the local players in Navarra to innovate in the bioeconomy both at the technological level and in the development of regional strategies. 

This workshop is addressing several audiences (SMEs, researchers, administration, citizens…) taking the circular bioeconomy to the next level.

The Navarra region is recognized for its innovative regional Smart Specialisation or S3 model that promotes an active cooperation among different local stakeholders (Industry, Research & Technology Centres and Universities, Administration and Society). In its territory there are several leading agrifood and forestry companies. Navarra is taking the leadership in regional policy initiatives (Waste Act), in international affiliations (ACR+, Climate Group) and outstanding projects such as NADAPTA (Climate change), SCREEN (Circular economy) or SCALIBUR (Bio-urban waste). Navarra region is also member of the European Bioeconomy Stakeholders Panel through the ADItech Foundation.

The analysis of opportunities made for the economy of Navarra included in the updated regional S3 Smart Specialisation Strategy stresses a clear opportunity for the Bioeconomy at regional level, there is room for “Boosting the bio-economy and circular economy, making use of knowledge from agrifood, energy efficiency and waste and resource management”.

A Circular Bioeconomy in Navarra can act as integrator of different policies and industrial initiatives.

The Navarra VISION 2030 defines a set of scenarios where the agrifood sector will be highly competitive and specialized. In this future context climate change and resources management (use of fertilizers, pesticides, raw materials, food waste use…) will be challenges for the regional development. 

Towards a Circular Bioeconomy. Circular and bioeconomy policies have strong links. A sustainable bioeconomy is the renewable segment of the Circular Economy.

The following topics will be discussed:

  • Circular economy in Navarra
  • The new European Bioeconomy strategy
  • Opportunities in the BBI JU European Programme, call 2019
  • The Power4BIO” EU project: EmPOWERing regional stakeholders for realising the full potential
  • Bioeconomy and innovation in Navarre
  • The role of the Multidisciplinary Institute of Applied Biology (IMAB)