Sustainability of Food Chains, Science and Food Safety in Europe - A Contribution from European Regions | Brussels, Belgium

05 December 2018
Emilia-Romagna Region Delegation to the EU, Rue Montoyer, 21, Brussels, Belgium

EU has the global leadership in food safety. It has been investing in innovative and sustainable solutions through a comprehensive regulatory framework and integrated policies that are a worldwide benchmark. However, the scale and complexity of food safety challenges require a multistakeholder and crosscutting approach. From food traceability to risk assessment, from food waste reduction to nutrition, from climate change to public health, food safety is a collective responsibility, along the entire food chain.

European regions have a key role to play in strengthening food safety. At the regional level innovation, technology and food value chains are anchored which supports the enhancement of citizen trust.

This conference will bring together EU institutions, European regions, academia and key stakeholders to discuss current priorities in food safety, in order to contribute to shaping future policies in research and innovation as well as in sustainability of food chains.

In order to increase public awareness, the conference will explore the EU vision for post 2020 and discuss current challenges and common solutions, from a regional perspective.

Questions will include:

  • Why regions matter in food safety?
  • How could regions improve collaboration between stakeholders?
  • Post 2020: what EU opportunities for food safety?

Dieter Brigitta, BBI JU Project Officer, will participate and speak on the panel "Fostering Innovation in Food Safety: A Multistakeholder Approach".