Supporting Rural Business Success Across Europe | Brussels, Belgium

24 October 2019
European Economic and Social Committee, Brussels, Belgium

In rural areas, new business models are emerging to help address social and environmental challenges. For these initiatives to spread throughout Europe, the recipe for their success needs to be analysed and shared across countries. This is the role of the European project RUBIZMO, funded to identify the vital ingredients for developing rural entrepreneurship through the replication of successful business ideas.

On 24 October 2019, the RUBIZMO partnership will present its first tools and findings at the conference ‘Supporting rural business success across Europe’, which will be hosted at the European Economic and Social Committee in Brussels.

This event will be the chance for policy-makers, industry representatives, networks, civil society groups and all interested stakeholders to discuss recommendations to foster the large-scale deployment of innovative business models that can support sustainable growth and job creation in European rural areas. Along with the vision for the present and future rural development policy framework, the conference will explore current opportunities to develop supportive rural business environments and make collaboration the key to success for rural entrepreneurship.

As part of the conference, a dedicated Rural Business Innovation Awards and Exhibition will showcase and reward the most inspiring rural business initiatives identified by the RUBIZMO consortium in three fast-growing sectors: food, bio-based value chains, and ecosystem services. The vote is open to the public, and will close on 22 October at midnight. Winners in each category will be announced at the conference. Have a look at the nominees and tell the organizers which initiative you find the most inspiring for European rural areas. Join the movement to shape the future of modern rural development and vote for your favourite rural business initiative.

During the event, BBI JU Head of Program Eleni Zika will be the chairperson for the ‘Bio-based value chains’ category of the Rural Business Innovation Awards ceremony.


RUBIZMO is a new European initiative working to foster sustainable growth and job creation in rural areas by discovering the vital ingredients for developing entrepreneurship and successful business models in high potential sectors such as food and agriculture, new bio-based value chains and services.
In each of these three complementary and interlinked sectors, the project will identify and analyse promising business models, creating the recipe for their successful replication. The key ingredients will be shared across Europe through a set of practical tools supporting collaboration, entrepreneurship and business development in rural communities. In addition, active coaching and peer-to-peer training will be provided to rural entrepreneurs and networks to foster sustainable business transformation and facilitate the replication of innovative business ideas creating value for the economy, environment and society in equal measure.