SPIRE Stakeholder Workshop: Sustainable Process Industry Strategy Towards 2050 | Brussels, Belgium

02 October 2018
Brussels, Belgium

The Sustainable Process Industry through Resource and Energy Efficiency (SPIRE) is currently revising its original SPIRE 2030 Roadmap to create a Vision 2050. As part of stakeholder consultation, A.SPIRE organized the 'Stakeholder Workshop: Sustainable Process Industry Strategy Towards 2050’, which took place on Tuesday 2 October in Brussels.

This workshop was intended for SPIRE stakeholders to review and validate the SPIRE 2050 Vision, establish collaborative agreements with member states and other contractual public-private partnerships, and give a momentum to the development of the SPIRE 2050 Roadmap. This was an opportunity to openly discuss the vision with all stakeholders, including SPIRE members, representatives of the European Commission, Member States and regions, members of the European Parliament, civil society and other partnerships. SPIRE wishes to create closer alignment and collaboration.

SPIRE is providing significant added value to industry, SMEs and society in H2020 and it aims at a higher contribution in Horizon Europe through its new SPIRE2050 Vision. SPIRE's ambition is to increase competitiveness and help the EU process industry position itself as leaders of the transition towards a carbon neutral and circular economy and society. In addition, SPIRE calls for strong support of industrial technologies in Horizon Europe, as these technologies are key to achieving many of the objectives highlighted in the new proposed vision.

Philippe Mengal, Executive Director of BBI JU, spoke at the event to launch a joint statement on ‘team-up for synergy of actions’  with SPIRE. The joint statement was developed to assess the added-value generated by the two initiatives working in parallel and to specify the main achievements of the actions taken up to date. This initiative reaffirms the commitment of both organizations to work towards synergies and complementarities through their joint working group.