Societal and Market Challenges for the Sustainable Development of Bio-Based Industries | Athens, Greece

25 October 2019
Royal Olympic Hotel (Conference Hall, Ground Floor), 28-34 Athanasiou Diakou Str., 11743 Athens, Greece

This workshop will treat the most important social and environmental challenges that bio-based industries are called to address emphasizing in synergies of policies and business outlooks for capacity building and the support of customer driven networks. In the morning, experts will present financial and networking instruments, will describe the thematic domains of the BiOPEN Project and will provide paradigms of societal and marketing drivers and link them to enablers of the bio-based economy. In the afternoon, a round table will work on defining strategies for fine tuning between market and societal needs, with respect to the involvement of business in establishing and advancing the bio-based sector. 

BBI JU Public Affairs Assistant Kleopatra Sidiropoulou will attend the event and give a presentation on BBI JU.

The Project

BIOPEN is a BBI JU project aiming to support collaboration and knowledge sharing in the bio-based industry and to stimulate the set-up of co-innovation partnerships for the development of new products and markets in the sector by setting up an open innovation platform capable to involve industries, research centres and universities. The Project stands as an actively managed platform, pre-filled with relevant information on funding opportunities, and the ability to search for bio-based information on patents, literature and in any other open access knowledge repositories.

Participation is free, subject to registration and confirmation by the organisers.