Opportunities for the Bio-Based industries in Croatia | Zagreb, Croatia

04 July 2019
Faculty of Agriculture, University of Zagreb, Svetošimunksa cesta 25, Zagreb, Croatia

BBI JU Project Officer Antonella Canalis will speak at a roundtable on Opportunities for the Bio-Based industries in Croatia organized by the Croatian Ministry of Agriculture and hosted at the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Zagreb on 4 July.

The event will include an initial session on the European context for the bio-economy/bio-based sector, a session on Developing a bio-economy and bio-industry sector in Croatia, and a final one on Policies and initiatives for developing the bio-economy and bio-industry sector in Croatia, including a debate with ministry representatives from Agriculture, Economy, Energy, Research and Innovation, Environment to explore next steps for bio-based industries in Croatia.

The following aspects will be discussed:

  • How to mobilize Croatian stakeholders
  • What are the hurdles for business to develop the bio-based industries in Croatia
  • Partnership and cluster models, are they the right approach for business development for a bio-based sector in Eastern Europe 
  • Boosting innovation capabilities and technology transfer opportunities, what is the role of public policies
  • How to create synergies between  key EU financing instruments and  policy initiatives relevant for development of the bio-economy/bio-based industries, also in consideration of the up-coming Croatian EU presidency