Nature-based society: the contribution of bioeconomy ǀ Brussels, Belgium

06 June 2018 to 07 June 2018

The transition towards a bio-economy holds a great potential in terms of economic growth, rural development and decreasing fossil dependence, but requires tackling of many challenges at many levels. To do so and to provide environmental and socio-economic benefits for European citizens, it is mandatory to increase the competitiveness of Europe and contribute to establish Europe as a key player in research, demonstration and deployment of advanced bio-based products and biofuels.

In the process towards the definition and launch of the 9th Framework Program of the European Union, a reflection among Institutions and Research Organizations at European level on the future research developments in support to policy, in particular addressing bioeconomy, is urgently needed.

The event aims at debating on the relevance of bioeconomy in the European scenario, in particular addressing the role of Science & Technology in fulfilling the societal needs mitigating the risks which possibly arise from a new way to intend economy. Speakers and panelists will be invited to discuss different visions, roles and impacts of bioeconomy. In particular, the debate will address the role of EU institutions, Member States, industry, research and civil society in shaping the future towards a nature-based society.

Philippe Mengal, BBI JU Executive Director, will share "The Vision of a Public-Private Partnership” and present the BBI JU initiative.