Launch of FARMYNG project | Paris, France

11 June 2019
Espace La Rochefoucauld, 11 Rue de la Rochefoucauld, 75009 Paris, France

A press conference will take place on 11th June 2019 in Paris, to officially announce the launch of the BBI JU FARMYNG project.

The FARMYNG project coordinated by Ÿnsect is dedicated to building the first biorefinery that produces alternative proteins from insects for animal nutrition on an industrial scale.

FARMYNG will develop the farming and transformation of mealworm (Tenebrio Molitor) for automated and industrial production with the participation of 20 key players in the value chain; from feedstock supply to the final insect ingredients use in fish feed, pet food and plant fertilization.

European market potential has dramatically increased since 2017 as a consequence of the European fish feed market authorization approved by Member States, following the modification of feed regulation package proposed by DG SANTE; based on a close collaboration with the European insect sector represented by the Ipiff association, chaired by Ÿnsect.

FARMYNG aims to establish, for the first time, the largest global fully-automated flagship industrial plant to produce premium proteins from insects (Tenebrio Molitor), to showcase a successful example of their technology to customers, investors, and suppliers, in a strategic location: Amiens, France.

The FARMYNG industrial flagship plant will be able to produce more than 1,500 tons of proteins per month, a production rate that has never been achieved by any other insect-protein production plant in the world.

Philippe Mengal, BBI JU Executive Director, will participate in the press conference and share views about the sector and its potential in the European Union.

This event will be held in Paris at 9:30 AM the 11th June 2019 close to Gare du Nord.