International Development Lab on endogenous resources in the wine value chain ǀ Anadia, Portugal

19 June 2018

This international development lab builds further on an earlier Entrepreneurial Discovery Focus Group targeting the wine and vineyard value chain. Project Development Labs (PDLs) aim to further develop business ideas initiated in an entrepreneurial discovery process, in terms of fundability, partnerships (regional, national, international), linkages with international value chains, framework conditions, etc.

In May 2017 an EDP focus group was organised in Viseu (Portugal Centro region), under the lagging regions project, with a particular focus on the wine and vineyard value chain. As a result of this event, 13 initial project ideas have arisen supported by a group of stakeholders. Some of these project ideas were, afterwards, clustered, and the PDL aims at developing some of them (enotourism issues will be addressed later).

For the further development of the ideas, national and international expertise and networks will be brought in, as well as opportunities for funding from a variety of sources. This activity will be co-implemented by CCDRC and the European Commission's Joint Research Centre (by both the Lagging Regions project and Stairway to Excellence) in collaboration with DG REGIO.

Helena Vieira, Member of the BBI JU Scientific Committee, will present BBI JU opportunities to the participants.

The objectives of the event include:

- Working in parallel sessions, to increase the maturity of the projects of the working groups towards a more structured project;

- Positioning of the ideas in international value chains and R&I networks, and start building regional, national and international partnerships around it;

- Present, discuss and explore the potential funding sources that would be more adequate for the different projects.

The event will gather not only the participants of the working groups, but other potential stakeholders with expertise to contribute to the maturity of the ideas.