Governing Sustainability in Biomass Supply Chains for the Bioeconomy | Utrecht, The Netherlands

23 May 2019
World Trade Center Utrecht, Stadsplateau 2, Utrecht, the Netherlands

This invitation-only workshop, organized by IEA Bioenergy in collaboration with GBEP, FAO, IEA, Biofuture Platform, IRENA,Below50 and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RvO) as local host, aims to explore ways to establish sustainable supply chains for bioeconomic goods. It will present an overview of relevant existing sustainability governance, what may be needed, and how can policy, market and civil society actors across sectors support a sustainable bioeconomy.

This workshop kicks‐off this work and presents an overview of what relevant sustainability governance already exists and what more may be needed, and how collaboration of policy and market actors across sectors as well as civil society could support a sustainable bioeconomy.

The aim of the workshop will be to discuss:

  • What can we learn from experiences with sustainability governance (in agriculture, bioenergy, forestry) for the broader bioeconomy?
  • Pragmatic solutions to operationalize sustainability governance (public and private sector, financial institutions).
  • What actions are needed to progress towards a sustainable, circular bioeconomy?
  • How can we provide confidence and gain trust in a sustainable bioeconomy, including bioenergy?
  • How can international collaboration provide a way forward?