Foro de Bioeconomía de Castilla y León

27 October 2021 to 28 October 2021
Fundation Cesefor logo
Soria, Spain

The forum is a regional meeting with a national and international focus which aims to make the potential of the bioeconomy in the region of Castilla y León visible. Its objectives include:

  • Bring together regional, national and international leaders in the field of the bioeconomy, promoting the exchange of experiences and the formation of strategic alliances.
  • Generate an open space for knowledge creation and debate to highlight the potential of the bioeconomy in the region.
  • Disseminate good practices and inspiring business models in Castile and León.
  • Position Soria as a pioneering territory and a national benchmark in the development of the circular bioeconomy.
  • Design a participatory and innovative forum format that could be replicated in other cities in the Autonomous Community in the coming years.

BBI JU Project Officer Pilar Llorente will participate virtually in the panel 'Funding for the transition to the bioeconomy: approach and opportunities' taking place on 27 October at 13:00.