Food 2030 ǀ Plovdiv, Bulgaria

14 June 2018 to 15 June 2018
Agricultural University of Plovdiv (AUP), Plovdiv, Bulgaria

In a search for models to understand drivers of sustainable food consumption and adapt these to climate, agricultural, resource circularity and efficiency, and other societal challenges, the Flagship Conference Food 2030 will try to identify novel approaches and tools to address these challenges and contribute to consolidate around models to bridge health and sustainability.

The focus will be on identifying the most effective routes to transform and future-proof the Sustainable Food and Nutritional Security by taking on a Food System approach linking land and sea, and producers to consumers and back that addresses the four Food 2030 priorities: Nutrition for healthy and sustainable diets, Climate and environmental sustainability, Circularity and resource efficiency, Innovation and empowering communities.

Responding to the societal needs, the overarching goal of the FOOD 2030 CONFERENCE during the Bulgarian Presidency is to increase the impact of R&I for the whole food chain by engaging a wide diversity of actors to build a shared and inclusive vision and provide input to strategic long term Food and Nutrition Security related R&I developments at the EU level.

Specific objectives of the Conference are to unfold the systemic nature of food and nutritional systems and build R&I ecosystems to provide solutions to food systems transformation, to strengthen the potential for R&I cooperation and coordination/alignment at different levels (within MSs, among the MSs and with the EU), including future investments in R&I in Europe and leveraging private investments and increasing synergies with public funding.

The Conference outcomes will provide input for policy dialogue regarding the European Research and Innovation actions in Sustainable Food and Nutrition Systems.

The official conference of FOOD 2030 will take place on 14-15 June 2018 during the Bulgarian Presidency of the European Council. The Conference will include participants from the EU Member States, i.e. high level officials, industry, entrepreneurs, investors, policy makers, and civil society organisations. The European Commission will present the status quo of Food research and innovation policy and its vision of shaping tomorrow’s sustainable food and nutritional systems (SFNS), with respect to healthy and sustainable diets, climate resilience and circularity of food systems, user-centric innovation, new business models and investment.

The FOOD 2030 Conference will also offer an opportunity to visit an open exhibition of the ‘Food R&I Domain‘ showcasing innovative research projects, networks, start-ups and sustainable food technologies.