EuropaBio National Associations Council Summit 2022 | Biotechnology: Delivering Europe’s Industrial Strategy Across Sectors

03 March 2022

The EuropaBio National Associations Council (NAC) represents biotechnology priorities across Europe’s Member and partner countries, working together to build long term economic and societal benefit from biotechnology across sectors. The 2022 NAC Summit focuses on how biotech is delivering the industrial strategy through national development. National Associations, biotech companies, policy makers and others will discuss the commercial pathways for healthcare biotechnology to deliver innovative therapeutics to patients, and for industrial biotechnology to drive economic growth and market development. NAC Summit outcomes will be key policy and initiative recommendations at national and EU level for the successful societal and economic performance of biotechnology across sectors.

Virginia Puzzolo, Head of CBE JU's Programme Unit, will give a presentation '‘Industrial biotechnology and bioeconomy: Growth and innovation to market’ at the event, at 11.45.