EU Cohesion policy regions: the potential of biomass to bio-based products

08 September 2016 to 09 September 2016
Covent Garden Building - Place Rogier 16, COV2

Organised under the umbrella of the "Knowledge Exchange Platform (KEP)" by European Commission DG Research and Innovation in cooperation with the Committee of the Regions, this workshop about 'EU Cohesion policy regions: the potential of biomass to bio-based products' is taking place on 8-9 September, in Brussels and Gent.

This KEP Bioeconomy Showcasing Event will address the key issue for the development of sustainable European bioindustry, which is biomass supply, and concretely on high potential of (non-food) biomass which is currently not sufficiently exploited (due to technical and regulatory bottlenecks) especially in certain EU geographical areas. The workshop will focus on the Central and Eastern European regions. 

Philippe Mengal, BBI JU Executive Director, will participate as Speaker in the panel 'Enhancing the involvement and participation of participants from the CEE EU Cohesion Regions in EU-level R&D initiatives on bio-based industries and the Bioeconomy Horizon 2020 programme', presenting BBI perspective and the 'Widening Participation Strategy of BBI JU', at 14.00.

Participation upon invitation.