EMBRACED Stakeholder Group Meeting | Brussels, Belgium

14 May 2019
BBI JU, Brussels, Belgium

On May 14 the 2nd Stakeholder Group Meeting of BBI JU project EMBRACED will meet at BBI JU premises.

The main topic of the meeting will be regulatory barriers for the implementation of AHP waste recycling in Europe, with special focus on the implementation of EoW criteria and market uptake of secondary raw materials.

BBI JU Head of Program Eleni Zika will give introductory remarks.

Embraced is an EU funded project, involving 13 partners partners from businesses, academia, and research institutions. It is aimed at closing the loop for AHP waste, reducing greenhouse gases emission and increasing sustainability in Europe. The objective of the project is the establishment of a first-of-its-kind demonstration plant of an integrated biorefinery in Amsterdam, based on the valorization of the cellulosic fraction of post-consumer AHP waste towards the production of bio-based building blocks, polymers and fertilizers.

Embraced will operate valorizing all the fractions from the process, to obtain marketable end-products fully competitive in terms of cost, quality and sustainability. The project will follow a circular economy approach, closing the cycle of raw materials and minimizing the use of primary resources, through the establishment of virtuous models of cooperation among all the involved stakeholders.