Bioket 2018 ǀ Strasbourg, France

06 March 2018 to 08 March 2018
Strasbourg Convention Exhibition Centre, Strasbourg, France

From 6-8 March, BIOKET 2018 event takes place in the Strasbourg Convention Exhibition Centre. 

BIOKET 2018 will include an inspiring and targeted conference program which will tackle topics such as advanced and innovative biomass pretreatment; technologies for biomass conversion and functionalization; extraction, separation and purification of biomass; process modelisation and analytical methods and tools; innovative tools; design of bioprocesses, advanced fermentation. 

Bio-based products producers, first and second transformation actors, feedstocks suppliers, engineering companies, chemical companies and equipment manufacturers are part of the audience.

On 6 March, Philippe Mengal, BBI JU Executive Director, will present BBI JU's vision on the 'Clarification of the expectations of the BBI JU (European Commission / Bio-Based Industries Joint Undertaking) in the work program, alignment with societal challenges and new SIRA".  

More information will be available soon.