II International Congress of Bioeconomy ǀ Barcelona, Spain

14 June 2018
Auditorio del Parque Científico de Barcelona, Carrer De Baldiri Reixac, 4 – 12, Barcelona, Spain

On 14 June, Grupo Cooperativo Cajamar and Asociación de Parques Científicos y Tecnológicos de España jointly organise the II International Congress of Bioeconomy in Barcelona, Spain.

This Conference will be a forum for meeting and debate the challenges presented by the current model of socio-economic development and the opportunities offered by the bioeconomy to respond to the challenges created by the market globalisation, the need for a sustainabale enviroment, the efficiency in the management of biological resources, the digital transformation in the consumer trends and other relevant topics related with bioeconomy. 

This II International Congress of Bioeconomy will bring together renown international representatives, experts and business references to discuss an approach to face the main challenges ahead.

This edition initiates the showcase 'Project Startup' which aims to showcase new business projects and innovative ideas that aspire to give answers to these challenges.

Eleni Zika, BBI JU Head of Programme, will be giving her contribution in a sectorial table about Forest, Biomass and Energy.

The Conference will be divided into the following thematics:

Internation representatives will show a global image of the current situation of the bioeconomy and its different applications through two framework papers: one of a more institutional nature in which the current policies of promotion of the different disciplines that make up the bioeconomy and its transfer to business reality. Likewise, in another framework paper of a technical-economic nature, the future of agri-food will be drawn through the different challenges that this sector faces and that will affect the development of different areas of the economy.

A selection of experts will address the advances that have taken place with a sectoral approach: biomass and energy, resource and waste management, biotechnology and the marine/blue bioeconomy. The challenges that remain to be faced both in the immediate future and in the medium term will also be addressed in a dynamic round table with space for participation and debate. In addition, the new number of the Mediterranean Economic collection, "Bioeconomy and sustainable development" will be presented. This edition analyzes in depth to what extent this new conception of resource management can respond to the different challenges it faces: contribution to food security, regional initiatives and success stories that are being developed. All this without forgetting that these initiatives have an implication that goes beyond the limits of science and technology.

The bioeconomy is already a reality! This will be shown to us by representatives of consolidated companies that are developing projects in this area, sharing their experience in a round table in which points of view will be exchanged and debate will be held on the challenges that the business network has to face in order to implement this new way to generate value in the final product.

The bioeconomy represents a new way of seeing the economic reality, based on sustainable management of biological resources, in which young people and innovation play a fundamental role. This block is dedicated to this group, starting with the exhibition of a series of startups and innovative SMEs that will tell us their experience and projects. At the same time, during the whole day, the possibility of visualizing new business ideas is offered through the projection of short-term audio-visuals in which these young protagonists will share with us their incipient project.