BBI JU Call 2017 Online Meetings

27 June 2017 to 29 June 2017

BBI JU will organise 'Online Meetings' on 27 and 28 June, an online networking session dedicated to the Call 2017 topics.

This networking session will enable potential applicants to meet with new consortia candidates or to follow-up on earlier meetings, providing an opportunity to discuss cooperation opportunities for the running BBI JU Call 2017.

It will enable participants to organise personal meetings with other members online during 2 days:

- June 27 - 9am - 6pm (CEST time)
- June 28 - 9am - 6pm (CEST time)

Registration to this event is free of charge and available to all the members from BBI JU Partnering Platform

More information is available here.