BBEC 2016 - Bratislava Bioeconomy Conference | Slovakia

17 October 2016
Grand Hotel River Park, Bratislava

Bratislava Bioeconomy conference will be held on October 17 2016 in Bratislava, Slovakia. This high level European meeting is organised by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and National Agriculture and Food Centre and by the European Commission. The conference is a part of the European Bioeconomy Strategy and Action Plan, and serves as an important input to the future orientation of the European Bioeconomy Strategy.

The Slovak Presidency together with European Commission under the auspices of Standing Committee of Agricultural Research (SCAR) will organise a conference on the role of EU regions in developing a sustainable European Bioeconomy. The aim of the conference is to discuss with national and regional stakeholders the new bioeconomy context for the agriculture, forestry and fisheries, the role of research and innovation to overcome the big societal challenges ahead of us and also to identify the barriers in the regions in adapting the bioeconomy strategy. The wider objective is to raise awareness in the EU regions, on the need for bioeconomy strategy building, giving particular emphasis to the Central and Eastern European countries, to bring to the attention of EU policy makers the regional and international aspects of the Bioeconomy, and to raise awareness among stakeholders on the possibilities offered by these new aspects at regional and international level.

The conference will also discuss how regions can benefit from relevant EU instruments and initiatives that can support regional bioeconomy clusters beside the Horizon 2020, such as the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) and smart specialisation strategies (RIS3). The conference has the ambition to follow the 4th SCAR Foresight Stakeholder Conferencee, the 2015 Bioeconomy Investment Summit, the 2015 Global Bioeconomy Summit and the Bioeconomy Utrecht 2016 Conference held in April 2016. The aim is to bring to the attention of stakeholders ongoing regional demonstration and pilot projects, and to help to develop regional bioeconomy clusters involving private and public investments. Furthermore, the conference will provide input to the policy dialogue regarding the bioeconomy, including the European Bioeconomy strategy and its review. The conference will be organized in line with the Slovak Presidency goals. The Presidency plans to bring in the front of the Council the outcome of the conference, tentatively a position paper on the role of the EU regions in developing sustainable bioeconomy.

BBI JU contribution

The BBI JU will be presenting the potential for the bio-based industries in a range of everyday bio-based products in a walking exhibition. From dandelion tyres to dresses made from milk fibres, bio-degradable compostable shopping bags to high performance bio-ethanol, BBI JU aims at proving that greener production methods and processes offer real progress towards the reality of a bio-based economy. BBI JU will be accompanied at the event by four of its projects which are a great example of putting new technologies into practice for the first time in Europe. Flagship projects like BIOSKOH, EXILVA and FIRST2RUN, together with demonstration project PULP2VALUE will be exhibiting their products and explaining their specific added-value to all the participants.

The walking exhibition

The Bratislava walking exhibition is an innovative and engaging way to show how everyday objects can have bio-based ingredients, and that the application of bio-based technologies offers new opportunities for developing the bioeconomy in Europe. This unique, vanguard exhibition presentes more than 20 different bio-based products from more than a dozen companies, displaying current, concrete realisations of the bioeconomy. Bio-based products are evidence of the bioeconomy, and it is important to communicate the benefits of these products to all stakeholders along the value chain, including producers, distributors, users, consumers, public authorities, and NGOs. As environmental awareness grows, the demand for products from sustainable manufacturing processes, including bio-based products, is also likely to increase and, with it, the need to raise awareness and broaden knowledge about these innovative products. The walking exhibition is developed against this background. Its objective is to show that the bioeconomy is more than a policy. It proposes concrete solutions to major societal, environmental and economic challenges. European industry has adopted some of these solutions and found new, innovative and resource-efficient ways of developing services and goods, thus contributing to develop an industrial economy that is low carbon, high value and locally sourced. The EU, national, regional, and local governments, industries, individual companies, workers, and consumers will all need to contribute to the changes the bioeconomy and these bio-based products offer.

Bratislava walking exhibition video

Bratislava walking exhibition brochure