1st Stakeholder Event of the European Blue Bioeconomy Forum | Amsterdam, The Netherlands

07 December 2018 to 08 December 2018

The Blue Bioeconomy Forum will host its first stakeholder event on 7th December 2018 in Amsterdam.

The Blue Bioeconomy Forum is the initiative of the European Commission and brings together a partnership of industry, public authorities, academia, and finance in order to strengthen Europe's competitive position in the emerging blue bioeconomy.

The forum seeks to exploit synergies between blue bioeconomy sectors that can benefit from innovative uses of aquatic biomass. It looks into biomass sourcing for particular (novel) purposes, such as animal feed and feed additives, food products (functional, fermented or fried), pharmaceuticals, or cosmetics. Particular attention is also given to the valorisation and use of remainder for other applications (e.g. valorisation of chitin, shells and other bioactive components).

This event is organised for industries, public agencies, financial organisations, researchers and civil society, working on or interested in the Blue Bioeconomy of the EU – aquatic and marine environments. During the event the participants will look at the current status of the emerging Blue Bioeconomy in Europe, identify strategic developments, market opportunities, financing possibilities and research priorities. There will be a discussion on the challenges for the sustainable production of food, non-food and feed in the Blue Bioeconomy sector. The exchange of ideas is expected to result in formulation of a roadmap for the development of the Blue Bioeconomy in the EU.

Why should you join the European Blue Bioeconomy Forum?

  • You will learn about trends, opportunities and challenges that are faced by different actors of the Blue Bioeconomy sector in the EU.
  • You will have opportunities to meet key stakeholders of the Blue Bioeconomy sector.
  • You will be invited to participate in discussions with core experts in the areas of policy, environment and regulation, finance and business development, value chain and markets, and science, technology and innovation.
  • You will be able to help shape the roadmap for the development of the Blue Bioeconomy of the EU.

Thomas Vyzikas, BBI JU Project Officer, will take part in the interactive keynote speakers’ panel in the morning (9.25-10.40), which will offer a brief scan of recent initiatives and trends in the EU in the blue bioeconomy. BBI JU activities and projects relevant to the blue bioeconomy and key initiatives will be presented during the panel.