ECBF - European Circular Bioeconomy Fund

In a transforming economy, the ECBF funds and partners with ambitious and visionary entrepreneurs and investors to accelerate late-stage companies with first recurring revenues and strong market traction in the European circular bioeconomy. The targeted investment sectors include new technologies and business models in Agtech; blue economy; and bio-based chemicals, specialities and materials; in particular applications on nutrition, packaging, personal care, construction, and textiles. Investment opportunities in circularity topics -i.e., conversion of biological resources and waste streams into value-added products - have a high priority.

Being an initiative of the European Investment Bank (EIB) and the European Commission (EC), ECBF relies on considerable expertise and robust networks to catalyse sustainable innovations and fuel business growth. We aim to fill a funding gap in the European Bioeconomy landscape, bringing Europe’s circular technologies to market, identifying the most promising investment targets, and syndicating with private and public investors to join the financial rounds. With a target fund volume of €250 million, where EIB is committed to contributing up to €100 million, ECBF aims to foster meaningful ESG investment in the Sustainable Development Goals, demonstrating that impact generation and favourable IRRs are not contradictory.

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