Call For Proposals 2020 - Projects

Tech4Biowaste will promote the circular bioeconomy by creating a dynamic database helping the transformation of organic waste into value-added products such as bio-based fertilisers. 

UNLOCK will use keratin contained in feathers, a poultry industry waste, for sustainable bio-based products such as protective textiles for soil. 

BBTWINS will increase biomass availability and sustainability from the meat and fruit production sector by creating an innovative digital platform responding to logistics and losses issues.  

VIBES will present a new solution to the end-of-life thermoset plastics. It will develop bio-based materials and a green technology to recover different components and use them as feedstock in other processes.  

BIObec will design six bio-based education centres to answer the present and future needs of the European bio-based industries at the national and international level. 

BioeconomyVentures will launch a platform to bring together start-ups, investors and actors of the bioeconomy sector to enable access to funding and partnerships. 

OLEAF4VALUE will extract components from olive leaves to make bio-based food, feed, health, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and chemical products. 

BioSupPack will contribute to the circular bioeconomy by delivering high-performance and competitive bio-based packaging solutions for food, beverage, homecare and cosmetics.   

BIOCIRCULARCITIES will prepare the policy framework for a circular use of unexploited organic waste in European cities and promote best practices. 

REDWine will build an innovative process for wineries using the C02 from wine fermentation to produce microalgae biomass and use it for food, cosmetics and wine production ingredients. 

FRACTION will develop a new biorefinery concept to enhance the production of bio-based materials by introducing a new pre-treatment technology for agricultural and forestry waste. 

CIRCULAR BIOCARBON will build a first-of-its-kind flagship biorefinery that will turn municipal solid waste into bio-based fertilisers, bioplastics, coatings and green graphene.  

LIGNICOAT will help reducing air pollution from the coatings industry by introducing bio-based ingredients in paints and covers. 

SCALE will build a first-of-its-kind flagship biorefinery to produce ingredients with high value for food and cosmetics by applying a cascade extraction approach to microalgae. 

PHENOLEXA will facilitate the transformation of underexploited agricultural waste into functional bioactive compounds for health purposes such as antiviral and anti-inflammatory.   

VIOBOND will build a first-of-its-kind flagship biorefinery producing bio-based resins using new technologies to extract materials and convert them into consumer products such as plywood and sandpaper. 

PERFECOAT will produce new, more sustainable and higher quality bio-based components for woods and decorative coatings. 

WASTE2FUNC will efficiently convert food waste into bio-based molecules for home and personal care products.  


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