BBI JU in the media

'Arrivée du groupe Circa à Carling : un coup de pouce financier de l’État de 8,2 M€'
LE REPUBLICAIN LORRAIN, 18 February 2022  
The Circa group, part of the BBI JU-funded ReSolute project, is among the 77 awardees selected for the French government funding. The call was launched to support relocation and strategic investments in sectors providing essential elements to the industry, among others. 
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'For Insect Farming to Work, Scientists Need to Build a Better Bug'
WIRED UK, 15 February 2022  
The BBI JU-funded FARMŸNG project’s approach on converting mealworms into sustainable proteins and lipids for fish feed and pet food end markets was highlighted via its coordinator company Ÿnsect. 
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'A more sustainable fertiliser?'
Financial Times, 13 February 2022  
The Financial Times’ story on the production of circular biobased fertilisers showed the BBI JU-funded AFTERBIOCHEM and FARMŸNG projects. 
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'Cóctel de gusanos e insectos comen plástico' 
RTVE, 9 February 2022  
The BBI JU-funded RECOVER project was featured in a Spanish TV report about their innovative work on tackling plastic pollution. 
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'10 years after the first EU bioeconomy strategy. An interview with Chris Patermann, the father of the European bioeconomy'
Il Bioeconomista, 7 February 2022  
In this interview, C.Patermann highlights the work of BBI JU – CBE JU and BIC in shaping bioindustries in Europe. 
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'Insect ranchers pour $5 million into world’s first large-scale genetic breeding facility' 
SCIENCE.ORG, 3 February 2022  
Following Ÿnsect’s announcement of a 5 million dollars investment, the article focuses on the company’s role in the insect farming business and how they are producing animal feed products from mealworms in the BBI JU-funded FARMŸNG plant in Amiens, France. 
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‘La Esquina del Misterio’: las larvas que se comerán los plásticos contaminantes
COPE, 30 January 2022
The story features the BBI JU-funded RECOVER project, which is tackling the soil contamination issue by transforming plastics into biofertilisers or similar biodegradable products.
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La investigación que pretende eliminar plásticos a través de microorganismos mezclados
RTVE, 12 January 2022
The story features the BBI JU-funded RECOVER project, which is tackling the soil contamination issue by transforming plastics into biofertilisers or similar biodegradable products.
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Cócteles de gusanos, insectos y microbios que comen plásticos
El País, 8 January 2022
The article features the BBI JU-funded RECOVER project, which is tackling the soil contamination issue by transforming plastics into biofertilisers or similar biodegradable products.
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CESEFOR investiga en productos de base biológica su línea de prototipado de tablero aglomerado
Madera Sostenible, 24 December 2021
The article describes how the BBI JU-funded BeonNat project is contributing to developing the first prototypes of chipboards from underused tree and shrub species from marginal lands.
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Avantium takes a positive Final Investment Decision on the construction of its FDCA Flagship Plant
Renewable Carbon News, 16 December 2021
Avantium N.V., coordinator of the BBI JU-funded PEFerence project, announces the construction of the project’s flagship plant, the first in the world to produce FDCA (furandicarboxylic acid) at a commercial scale.
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Gıda Artıklarından Üretilen Biyolojik Ambalaj İle Tanışın
Rayhaber, 16 December 2021
The article presents how the BBI JU-funded Usable Packaging project aims to produce biodegradable packaging from biological wastes. Conservation Chlorine Alkali, one of the project’s members, will be the first company in Turkey to use the degradable packaging produced by Usable Packaging, thus actively contributing to the European Green Deal.
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Un coup de fouet assumé à l’industrie décarbonée
Républicain Lorrain, 10 December 2021
The French Minister Delegate for Industry, Agnès Pannier-Runacher, visited the site of the BBI JU-funded Resolute project to mark the beginning of the construction, a regional turning point from fossil-based to bio-based industries.
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Centrale à charbon de Saint-Avold : "un symbole de l'industrie du futur" selon la ministre Pannier-Runache
France Bleue, 10 December 2021
This article also relates the Minister’s visit, while underlining the new employment opportunities in the region and showing the potential of green energy.
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European SSUCHY Project Update after 4 years of work
Renewable Carbon News, 7 December 2021
In this article, the BBI JU-funded SSUCHY project presents its main achievements. SSUCHY develops composites constituents and materials based on renewable resources, with applications in the transport and audio sectors.
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Scaling up bio-aromatics research and application development with the industry
Agro & Chemistry, 3 December 2021
The 8th Biorizon annual event in Rotterdam was the occasion to present the progress in developing value chains for bio-aromatics, common chemical building blocks. The article presents the work of LIGNICOAT, a BBI JU project which develops functional coatings based on lignin resins and biobased additives.
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Advanced biofuels are key to achieving climate neutrality by 2050
European Energy Innovation Magazine, winter 2021 edition
This article presents the first commercial-scale plant for the production of cellulosic ethanol based on the Sunliquid technology developed by the BBI JU-funded LIGNOFLAG project.
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Meet nature’s plastic eaters
The EU Research and Innovation Magazine, 1 December 2021
Plastics are extremely difficult to recycle, and researchers are now looking for better more natural solutions. The article presents how the BBI JU-funded RECOVER project is using microorganisms, enzymes, earthworms and insects to break down plastic.
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Circular Bio-based Europe now launched
Agro & Chemistry, 30 November 2021
The article is presenting the new CBE JU and highlights how the new programme will contribute to achieve climate’s neutrality by 2050.
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Corporación Tecnológica de Andalucía capta más de 6,5 millones de euros de fondos europeos para proyectos de investigación e innovación
El Diario, 30 November 2021
In the article, the CTA (Corporación Tecnológica de Andalucía) is presented as a reference for international  R&I projects by participating as a leader or as partner in 23 EU-funded projects. The article briefly presents the BBI JU-funded BIObec project.
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El CSIC desarrolla un proyecto para producir plásticos a partir del fraccionamiento de biomasa
Qué, 24 November 2021
The article shows how the BBI JU-funded  FRACTION project is using forestry and agricultural residues to create bioplastics, paints and coatings. It focuses on the innovative  ‘organosolv’ process – which uses lignocellulose residues as natural solvent instead of water – which will be used in new generation biorefineries to obtain high-quality cellulose.
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Food packaging: Organic recycling hailed ‘the most sustainable solution’ for the future
Food Navigator, 22 November 2021
This interview with Prof. Lagaron, coordinator of the BBI JU-funded USABLE PACKAGING project, and presents the project’s work on bio-based, biodegradable food packaging.
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Growing insect pheromones in yeast cells for sustainable pest control
C&EN, 21 November 2021
This article presents the work of BioPhero, the Project Coordinator of BBI JU-funded PHERA project. The journalist explains how pheromones can be used to replace chemical insecticides. BioPhero is now prepared to launch its first products.
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Enough Food leads EU consortium to scale ‘largest non-animal protein factory of the decade’
Food Ingredients First, 12 November 2021
This article presents the achievements of the PLENITUDE project, which is building a microprotein facility in the Netherlands, with a special focus on the market applications of mushroom-based products. The article also tackles the challenges of the food industry in Europe and in Asia, such as consumers’ acceptance and competition with other products.
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Nuevas vias de biorreciclaje para los envases alimentarios y los residuos plasticos
Interempresas, 12 November 2021
This article presents the objectives and results of the BBI JU-funded RECOVER project, as well as its solutions to degrade conventional plastic residues with worms and insects.
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New insights reveal confusion about sustainable packaging
Carbon Renewable, 11 November 2021
This article presents a study on citizen perception of bioplastics carried out by the BBI JU-funded Renewable Packaging project.
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High performance bio-based functional coatings for wood and decorative applications
Pitture e Vernici - European Coatings - Formulation, 6 November/December 2021
This article presents the environmental, economic and social ambitions of the BBI JU-funded PERFECTOAT project, which aims to produce ingredients for bio-based coatings with climate-neutral processes.
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Xylella, a Locorotondo il CNR presenta il progetto Biovexo 
Affari Italiani, 27 October 2021 
The article promotes the CNR (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche) event where the new treatments against Xylella of the BIOVEXO project were presented. 
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The Netherlands takes home gold at Biobased Student Innovation Challenge Europe 2021 final 
Bio-based industries consortium, 25 October 2021 
The article outlines the main insights related to the BISC-E competition that yearly takes place with the participation of the most promising university students. 
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EU partnerships – Another door opens to our future 
Agro&Chemistry, 22 October 2021/ Brussels Morning, 25 October 2021 
The European Parliament voted in favour of the establishment of 9 joint undertakings under Horizon Europe for the 2021-2027 period, including the Circular Bio-based Europe Joint Undertaking, the successor of BBI JU. 
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Exploring the circular economy potential of unexploited bio-based waste streams 
RECYCLING magazine, 20 October 2021 
The magazine explains how the BIOCIRCULARITIES project will study the development of economically and environmentally efficient models for biowaste management to foster the transition to a circular bioeconomy in Europe. 
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Clariant finalizeaza constructia fabricii de la Podari 
Agrostandard, 16 October 2021 
The article announces the completion of a plant to produce cellulosic ethanol in Podari, Romania by the BBI JU-funded LIGNOFLAG project and showcases its leader, Clariant.   
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Farm to Fork: strategia globale per accelerare la transizione verso un sistema alimentare sostenibile 
ESG DATA, 15 October 2021 
The article highlights the BBI JU contribution to the Farm to Fork strategy through concrete examples on how the initiative is committed in fighting the food waste. 
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‘It comes from bacteria, and goes back to bacteria’: the future of plastic alternatives 
The Guardian, 15 October 2021 
The newspaper explains how the Avantium, PEFerence project coordinator, is building a biorefinery to produce sustainable bottles. The new plant will make bio-based plastic that 'is 100%-recyclable has a significantly lower carbon footprint and is sourced from sustainably grown plants'. 
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TECH4BIOWASTE database is seeking technology providers: Call to Action Video published 
FNR, 14 October 2021 
The article highlights the TECH4BIOWASTE project’s aim to create a database presenting a complete overview of existing and emerging technologies for bio-waste utilisation and valorisation. 
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O combate às alterações climáticas também passa pela produção de microalgas na Adega de Palmela 
SAPO, 14 October 2021 
The article describes how the Palmela Winery hosts, until 2025, the REDwine project with the aim to implement a new circular business model in wine production with the use of microalgae biomass. 
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BBI JU Joins the EUBCE to Strengthen the Scope, Relevance and Appeal of the Conference at its 30th Edition 
Agro & Chemistry, 12 October 2021/ Energetica India, 12 October 2021 
The articles celebrate the BBI JU and EUBCE collaboration for developing the Industry Track of the event, with a focus on bio-based products, materials and chemicals. 
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Wood, mushrooms and fish as the new stars of fashion catwalks, 12 October 2021 
The article demonstrates how the BBI JU-funded Grete project is developing new non-toxic and recyclable solvents that will boost the safety and sustainability of making textiles from wood.  
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Destructive insects produce high-value products from biowaste, 12 October 2021 
The article describes how the Zelcor project turns lignocellulose recalcitrant side streams into bio-based products, such as chemicals. 
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ITAINNOVA se incorpora a la plataforma de bioeconomía Biobased Industries Consortium 
elEconomista, 8 October 2021 
The article outlines the benefit for ITAINNOVA in joining the platform by the Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC). Being part of this tool allows ITAINNOVA to be updated on the new trends in the bio-based industries such as development of innovative bio-based materials and biotechnologies.  
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#EFIB2021: Industry sets up the Business vision to deliver Green Deal ambitions 
EuropaBio, 7 October 2021 
BBI JU is mentioned in the EFIB 2021 press release in the context of industrial biotech innovations and the bio-based industries contribution to the EU Green Deal. 
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New country infographics illustrate how BBI JU projects shape the European bioeconomy 
Agro&Chemistry, 4 October 2021/ Biobased economy, 5 October/ Renewable Carbon News, 6 October 2021 
The articles outline the BBI JU new country infographics presenting the impacts of BBI JU-funded projects in key figures and highlight how the programme has advanced the circular bio-based economy in Europe. 
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Nuevas vías de biorreciclaje para los envases alimentarios y los residuos plásticos 
Interempresas, 4 October 2021 
The article describes how the BBI JU-funded Recover project aims to scale up new biological approaches to address the problem of agri-food plastic waste and solve the contamination issue of agricultural fields with non-biodegradable agro-plastics.  
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Agrimax: Making A Positive Impact Towards Europe’s Food Waste Problem 
BIO Market Insights, 4 October 2021 
The article outlines five years of achievements of the Agrimax project demonstrating how crop and food-processing waste was turned into multiple, high-value bio-based products for the food-ingredients, food-packaging and farming sectors. 
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European bioeconomy robust as bio-based industry turnover jumps to 780 billion EUR
Bio-based industries consortium, 4 October 2021
The article outlines how the bio-based industries continue their ascent in Europe with a total contribution of €780 billion. 
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World’s largest protein plant to be built in the Netherlands, 16 September 2021/, 17 September 2021/, 21 September 2021/, 21 September 2021/, 21 September 2021 
The BBI JU-funded PLENITUDE project received extensive coverage in the media as the construction of their first-of -its- kind biorefinery started in Sas van Gent, Netherlands. The site has the capacity to produce 50,000 tonnes of fermented microprotein per year and will create 25 jobs. The PLENITUDE project will address the issue of C02 emissions by producing sustainable food-grade bio-based protein.   
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New publication highlights the BBI-JU achievements over 7 years 
Il Bioeconomista, 16 September 2021  
This paper is about the BBI JU’s latest publication ’BBI JU 2014-2020. 7 years advancing the Bio-based industry’.  
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Redesigning tomorrow’s plastics today, 16 September 2021  
Two BBI JU-funded project Vipriscar and Glaukos are highlighted in the article for their progress in the industrial production of the monomer isosorbide bis(methyl carbonate) and their contribution to reducing plastics waste.  
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Arranca BIObec, un nuevo proyecto europeo para la formación en bioeconomía, 14 September 2021
BIObec: leveraging education to unlock the EU bioeconomy’s full potential, 14 September 2021 
This article mentions the start of the BBI JU-funded BIObec project. This initiative will promote training in the bioeconomy sector by connecting relevant stakeholders to avoid competencies gaps. 
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Chemical from plastic; trash-to-treasure mentality, 11 September 2021 
This paper mentions the RECOVER project for its ambition to fight plastics pollution.  
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Only 4 more weeks until #EFIB2021, 10 September 2021 
This article highligts Philippe Mengal’s attendance as a speaker to the EFIB event in Vienna on 7 October.  
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EU: come la BBI JU ha contribuito alla transizione verde 
ESGDATA, 9 September 2021  
This article mentions the BBI JU’ most recent publication:’BBI JU 2014-2020. 7 years advancing the Bio-based industry’  
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New bio-recycling routes for food packaging and plastic waste, 8 September 2021 
This article mentions the RECOVER project, which is  providing sustainable solutions to the issue of agricultural field contamination with non-biodegradable plastics.  
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Market analysis demonstrates: Bio-based products from mixed biowaste are profitable, 1 September 2021, 2 September 2021 

This paper highlights the BBI JU-funded project CAFIPLA that is developing new technology to obtain bio-based chemicals and products from organic waste. The article mentions high potential results for four bio-based products.  
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VIOBOND project - New BBI JU flagship plant will produce biobased resins at industrial-scale 
BioRefineries, 26 August 2021 
The article gives an overview of the commercial applications of the resins to be produced by the project in its flagship biorefinery. 
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Microalgae: Microphyt will acquire an industrial biorefinery 
Les Echos, 26 August 2021 
The article outlines how one of the project’s beneficiaries  Microphyt is developing a biorefinery in Baillargues (France) that will produce ingredients for the feed and cosmetics sectors from microalgae’s biomass.  
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"Phenolexa": una bioraffineria dai sottoprodotti agricoli, 29 July 2021
The PHENOLEXA project will develop a low environmental impact biorefinery. It will obtain a new range of new functional bioactives for bio-based applications such as in the pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals industries. 
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SCALE consortium builds world’s largest biorefinery for microalgae, 13 July 2021 
The article is about SCALE and the construction of the first-of-its-kind biorefinery in France. The project will create about a hundred jobs by 2025 in this region. 
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Nuevas vias de biorreciclaje para los envases alimentarios y los residuos plasticos, 6 July 2021
RECOVER is an effective and innovative project that will help tackle the issue of plastics in the agri-food sector. It will develop a new technology with enzymes to solve the decomposition issue of polymers. 
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A crop with great opportunities for Europe, 1 July 2021
This article reports on the achievements of the LIBBIO project. LIBBIO is developing numerous products, including food applications derived from the Andean lupin. The project will also seek to accelerate development of the supply chain for lupin-derived products. 
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BIOSWITCH research analyses Irish and Dutch consumer perspectives of bio-based products, 1 July 2021
The BIOSWITCH project has carried out a survey of consumers in Ireland and the Netherlands with the objective to understand consumer perspectives in relation to bio-based products. 
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Sustainable business models for a greener Europe 
Open Access Government, 23 June 2021  
This news article is relating the BBI JU impacts on the bio-based industries for the last seventh years. It is acknowledging the essential role of BBI JU as leading the green recovery in Europe by funding innovative projects.
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Vibes, un proyecto europeo que busca soluciones al reciclaje de piezas de avión 
Heraldo, 23 June 2021
This paper highlights the VIBES project, which started just a few weeks ago. It will work on the recovery and transformation processes. This article specifically relates its solutions for recycling aircraft pieces.
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Proyecto Biosmart, los envases del futuro. ITENE. 
Spotify, 22 June 2021
The Biosmart project appeared in a Spanish podcast. Biosmart will develop packages to meet the needs of fresh and pre-treated food applications.
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UL researchers find way to create car parts from paper waste 
Silicon Republic, 18 June 2021  
This article highlights the LIBRE project as a pioneer in sustainable material production. LIBRE freed composite industries of their reliance on oil-based production. This project used feedstock from the pulp and paper industry to create more sustainable carbon fibre production process.
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The zero-pollution action plan and BBI JU contribution, 16 June 2021
This paper is referring to the BBI JU news publication on the BBI JU contribution to the Zero Pollution Action Plan.
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CTIC CITA lidera, junto a otro socio riojano, un proyecto europeo para optimizar procesos productivos de dos industrias, 16 June 2021
This article mentions the start of the BBTWINS project. It will digitalise two agricultural value chains to optimise the biomass supply for the bio-based industries.
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Il tubetto della crema corpo? Verrà realizzato con gli scarti di produzione della birra
Forli Today, 15 June 2021
This article relates the start of the project BioSuppack selected for BBI JU funding under the Call 2020. This project will develop sustainable rigid packaging solutions obtained from by-products of the beer industry.
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Les cooperatives catalanes aposten per un nou i sostenible 'petroli', 7 June 2021  
This article highlights the food waste issue across Europe and presents the solutions developed by the BBI JU-funded AGRIMAX project.  AGRIMAX has developed a process to turn food waste from crops and food processing into new organic materials for chemicals, bio-based plastics and fertilisers.
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Come la BBI JU ha partecipato al piano d’azione zero, 1 June 2021
This website provides a translation of the BBI JU’s article on its contribution to the Zero Pollution Action Plan.
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How public support today can accelerate the sustainable, bio-based supply chains of tomorrow, June 2021
This article highlights the BBI JU’s contribution to the European Green Deal and emphasizes the positive impacts of the BBI JU-funded projects, such as RESOLUTE, on the bio-based sector in Europe.
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RECOVER busca nuevas vías de biorreciclaje para los envases alimentarios y los residuos plásticos
Agronewscastillaleon, June 2021
This article highlights the RECOVER project and its solution to fight plastic waste in the agri-food sector. RECOVER is providing new sustainable management pathways for the non-recyclable packaging fraction of municipal systems. The project proposes to use innovative biotechnologial solutions by combining enzymes, worms and insects to transform non -recyclable plastics.
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Launch of the CIRCULAR BIOCARBON flagship project
Several media outlets, June 2021
This project will build a first-of-its-kind biorefinery in Zaragoza, Spain. The aim of the project is to valorise the organic fraction of urban solid waste. CIRCULAR BIOCARBON will open the market for new products and business frameworks based on a new circular vision of the treatment of municipal waste. The construction of the biorefinery will start in 2022. 
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MPowerBio, opportunità per cluster e Pmi: formazione e sostegno agli investimenti 
Il Denaro. It, 26 May 2021  
The BBI-JU funded MPowerBio project has opened applications for clusters and SMEs in the bioeconomy sector to access training and investment support services. The call will improve the capacity of 90 clusters to help SMEs prepare for investment by increasing and promoting their services and training. 
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El proyeco unlock desarrollará procesos de valorización de plumas del sector avícola para obtener nuevos bioproductos 
Residuos Profesional, 21 May 2021 
This article is reporting the launch of the BBI JU-funded UNLOCK project. This project will turn the keratin found in bird feathers into bio-based products for the agricultural sector.
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BBI JU to invest €104.5 million into 18 new projects, 19 May 2021 
The website reported the results of the Call 2020.
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Linares albergará desde este otoño la mayor planta de fotobiorrefinería del mundo 
El Periodico de la Energia, 11 May 2021 
This article reports the advancement of the project Deep Purple. The construction work of the world largest photobiorefinery plant in Linares, Spain will begin next autumn. The plant will treat wastewater in a more sustainable way and will promote the bioeconomy.
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La start-up Ynsect construit une ferme verticale à Amiens pour ses produits à base d'insectes 
L’usine, 7 May 2021  
French minister of Ecological Transition Barbara Pompili attended the groundbreaking ceremony of the Ynsect vertical farm near Amiens. In collaboration with the BBI JU-funded project Farmyng, the start-up Ynsect is now building a third farm to transform insects into nutriments for animals and later on humans.
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Using industrial side streams in food, feed, cosmetics and packaging
Open Access Government, 13 April 2021
The INGREEN project is demonstrating how efficient biotechnologies can produce safer food ingredients and raw materials. Thanks to this BBI JU-funded project innovative bio-based prototypes will be produced for the food, feed, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and packaging sectors.
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An exclusive interview with Philippe Mengal, executive director BBI JU
Il bioeconomista, 12 April 2021
BBI JU Executive Director Philippe Mengal presents in an interview the future challenges and opportunities of the EU bioeconomy to be addressed by CBE.
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Bolsas de champiñón para proteger el medio ambiente
Il bioeconomista, 12 April 2021
The FUNGUSCHAIN project aims to produce bio-based and biodegradable plastic bags, soap and vegan proteins using mushrooms offcuts.
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From wood to animal feed: Arbiom announces that it can industrialize its process, 9 April 2021
The SYLFEED project aims to convert cellulose into protein for animal feed.
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Corn, pomegranate, lemon and almond used in construction and automotive materials
TV6 NEWS, 8 April 2021
The objective of the BBI JU BARBARA project is to create new bio-based materials for the automotive and construction industries’ production processes.
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Biobased materials on the radio via Vincent Placet!
SSUCHY project website, 8 April 2021
The article describes a radio appearance of the Project Coordinator Dr. Vincent Placet  in which he explained the SSUCHY project’s aim to reduce the environmental impact of fossil and non-renewable sources by replacing them with biological and renewable ones.
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An exclusive interview with Nicolas Sordet, founder and CEO Afyren
Il Bioeconomista, 6 April 2021
The AFTERBIOCHEM project was highlighted in the article by Nicolas Sordet, founder and CEO of Afyren. Mr Sordet outlined the role of the BBI JU-funded project in boosting the development of SMEs in the circular bioeconomy.
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European bio-based industries: new opportunities in 2021
Open Access Government, 6 April 2021
The BBI JU Executive Director Philippe Mengal introduced the challenges and opportunities of bio-based industries in Europe, as well as the future partnership, Circular Bio-based Europe Joint Undertaking (CBE JU).
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El proyecto europeo ‘MPowerBIO’ abre una convocatoria para startups de la bioeconomía 
ECOticias, 29 March 2021 
The European project MPowerBIO was mentioned in the article as it has opened a call for SMEs and startups in the bioeconomy sector interested in being part of a free online business support programme to attract investments. 
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Progetto Recover, dai prodotti assorbenti per la persona ai biostimolanti 
TeleAmbiente, 26 March 2021 
The article stresses the role of BBI JU in the EMBRACE project aim of developing in Abruzzo prototype technologies unique in the world for the realisation of the first multi-purpose biorefinery able to transform waste generated by post-consumer and post-industrial PAP into biopolymers, biostimulants and other bio-based products. 
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Biorefineries are boosting the bio-based industries across Europe 
Agro&Chemistry, 24 March 2021 
The article outlines the fundamental role of BBI JU in supporting the bio-based industries through its 11 flagship projects
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Morbihan. Des microalgues pour produire des bioplastiques, issus d’une ressource durable 
Ouest-France, 20 March 2021  
The main NENU2PHAR characteristics mentioned in the article were the ones related to the replacement of petrochemical-based plastics with bio-based polymers. 
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Restorative aquaculture: Ocean Rainforest 
The Fish Site, 19 March 2021 
The main MacroCascade project’s features outlined in the article are the ones related to the sustainable techniques implemented to create bio-based products from seaweeds. 
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We don’t need to eat insects, but we could feed them to animals 
WIRED, 15 March 2021 
Ynsect, one of the companies participating in the FARMYNG project, commented the overall objectives of its consortium like the development of safe proteins from breeding insects to be used as animal nutrition sources. 
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Иновации за превръщане на хранителни и растителни отпадъци в нови продукти 
NSM, 11 March 2021 
The BBI JU project, AgriMax, was featured in the article for tackling effectively the problem of food waste by  building two pilot plants in Italy and Spain that will process different types of waste and create bio-based products. 
Read more: Bulgarian 

Usable Packaging project: Launching a revolution in bioplastics 
Open Access Government, 11 March 2021 
The Usable Packing project is described as an importan milestone to reduce fuel-based packaging to develop efficient bio-based alternatives. 
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Pest pheromone startup BioPhero nets $17m in DCVC-led Series A 
AgFunderNews, 9 March 2021 
The PHERA project was cited as an effective scheme that develops new insect pheromones for use in agriculture while reducing the use of insecticides. 
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An interview with Giulia Gregori, Strategic Planning Manager at Novamont  
Il Bioeconomista, 4 March 2021 
The GRACE project was mentioned in the article by Ms Giulia Gregori, Strategic Planning and Corporate Communications Manager at Novamont. Ms Gregori outlined how the effective PPP model of BBI JU is instrumental to increase the use of feedstocks originating from hemp and miscanthus to develop bio-based products. 
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Portugal em “posição privilegiada” no processo de transição para a bioeconomia na Europa 
SAPO, 25 February 2021 
The portal features the report on Portugal made by the private partner Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC). It focuses on the potential of the bio-based industries in the country and explains the role of BIC in BBI JU. 
Read more: Portuguese 

European Commission gives green light to CBE JU 
Agro&Chemistry, 23 February 2021 
The specialised outlet highlights that Circular Bio-based Europe (CBE) is expected to build on the success of BBI JU while stepping up its contribution to EU’s climate targets, in line with the European Grean Deal. 
Read more: English & Dutch 

New European Partnerships and nearly €10 billion for the green and digital transition 
Il Bioeconomista, 24 February 2021 
This article follows European Commission’s proposal to set up 10 new European Partnerships between the European Union, Member States and/or the industry. 
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Commission begins work on €10 billion in new R&D partnerships 
ScienceBusiness, 24 February 2021 
In this article, ScienceBusiness goes through the European Commission’s proposed legislation to spend nearly €10 billion on ten big R&D partnerships on health, climate, digital and other fields, as part of its gradual roll-out of the Horizon Europe research programme. 
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North Wales rapeseed waste set for beauty products, burgers and building panels 
North Wales Chronicle, 18 February 2021 
This article focuses on how BBI JU project Pro-Enrich’s scientists are working on a three-year £3million scheme to save millions of tons of waste from food production being dumped in landfill or in the fields. 
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Developing a Sustainable and Circular Bio-Based Economy in EU: By Partnering Across Sectors, Upscaling and Using New Knowledge Faster, and For the Benefit of Climate, Environment & Biodiversity, and People & Business 
Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology, 21 January 2021 
BBI JU Scientific Committee members, in collaboration with BBI JU and BIC, have published a paper on the evolution and outlook of the bio-based economy in the EU, which encompasses policy, technological and industrial developments and also highlights the key role of BBI JU in this ongoing transformation of the European bio-based economy.  
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BBI JU awards funding to 18 new projects 
Agro & Chemistry, 19 January 2021 
In this article, it is announced that BBI JU has selected 18 proposals that will receive a total of € 104.6 million in BBI JU Call 2020 funding. 
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First European success with new Andean Lupin variety 
Agro & Chemistry, 15 January 2021 
Plant Breeders Rights were granted to Vandinter Semo BV on 29 December 2020 for the Andean Lupin variety COTOPAXI. COTOPAXI is result of cooperation between Vandinter Semo, Hanze University of Applied Sciences and the BBI JU-funded project LIBBIO
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Land availability for sustainable agricultural tree crops 
Open Access Government, January 2021 
In this article, Dr. Matthias Meyer, coordinator of the BBI JU-funded Dendromass4Europe project, argues that land availability for sustainable agricultural tree crops like poplar plantations, and a positive perception of them by the administrations both remain challenging. 
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Creating innovative value chains from non-food biomass feedstock 
Open Access Government, January 2021 
In this article, the BBI JU-funded project AFTER-BIOCHEM explains how it will allow the sustainable replication of the first-of-its-kind AFYREN-NEOXY biorefinery, which is fully in line with the contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 
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Improved forest management through new technologies and digital transformation
Open Access Government, January 2021
In this article, the BBI JU-funded project TECH4EFFECT details the rudiments of improved forest management through new technologies and digital transformation. 
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Bio-based smart packaging for enhanced preservation of food quality 
Open Access Government, January 2021 
In this article, the BBI JU-funded project BIOSMART explains how it aims to reduce food waste, by developing bio-based compostable or recyclable packaging, including sensors to monitor food shelf-life, as well as functional and barrier coatings.  
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Valorising food waste streams based on mathematical models
Agro & Chemistry, 18 December 2020
The article presents the BBI JU-funded Model2Bio project and its survey to map out the regular waste management procedures in the agri-food sectors.
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An interview with Jason Camp, CTO at Circa Group
Il Bioeconomista, 14 December 2020
In this interview, the CTO of Circa Group discusses the achievements of the company, including its role as coordinator of the BBI JU-funded ReSolute project. He also highlights the relevance of ReSolute in the context of EU bioeconomy policies.
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Reciclaje de alimentos
AragonTV, 3 December 2020
The report of the programme 'This is my Earth' broadcast by AragonTV presents the work of the BBI JU-funded BARBARA project and its applications in the automotive and construction sectors. 
Watch: Spanish

BBI JU – launching the circular bio-based economy in Europe
The European Files, 25 November 2020
In this article Philippe Mengal presents the role of the BBI JU in various policies related to the EU’s green recovery, such as the European Green Deal, as well as the achievements of the initiative.
Read more: English

CTA capta más de 8 M€ de fondos europeos en 3 años
Ideal, 25 November 2020
In this article, the relevant role of the Spanish company CTA in European projects is explored, with a particular mention to their involvement in the BBI JU-funded projects BIOSWITCH & MPowerBIO.
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Fóðra lax með timbri í Grinda­vík
MBL, 18 November 2020
This article explores the particularities of the SYLFEED project, mentioning the cutting-edge research project taking place at the Marine Research Institute's fish farm in Grindavík, where salmon are raised on feed that is made from wood.
Read more: Icelandic

Circular bio‐based industries: Driving Europe’s green recovery
Open-access government, 17 November 2020
In this article, Philippe Mengal maps out what the future holds for the bio-based sector, explaining the numerous benefits of a circular bioeconomy for Europe, and how BBI JU supports the development of innovative and competitive bio-based industries in Europe.
Read more: English

Investigadores de la ULE desarrollan nuevos fertilizantes en el proyecto europeo B-Ferst
Leonoticias, 11 November 2020
This article reports on the participation of the Chemical, Environmental and Bioprocess Engineering group of the University of León (ULE) in an online meeting of the 'International Advisory Board' of the BBI JU project B-FERST, in which it is responsible for the industrial technological process of new products and the agronomic development tests of said initiative, which seeks to promote sustainability through the improvement in the relationship between industry and farming.
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Scientific article highlights the positive impact of BBI JU
Agro & Chemistry, 29 October 2020
The Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI JU) has been crucial in delivering a positive transformative impact to the bio-based industries in Europe. This is confirmed by a scientific paper recently published in New Biotechnology, the official journal of the European Federation of Biotechnology (EFB).
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An interview with Stefano Togni, Business Development Director at Indena
Il Bioeconomista, 22 October 2020
In this interview with Il Bioeconomista, Stefano Togni, Business Development Director at Indena, talks about his company’s role in the BBI JU Demo project GRACE and the sustainable development policies after the pandemic. 
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Nuevos materiales a partir de restos agroalimentarios 
La Opinion de Murcia, 21 October 2020  
The local newspaper reports the end of BBI JU-funded BARBARA project, explaining how it has promoted the circular economy with the manufacturing of car parts from organic waste. 
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EU Green Week: bio-based industries and the green recovery 
Politico, 19 October 2020  
During the EU Green Week, BBI JU shared an article in Politico highlighting the impact of BBI JU projects on biodiversity and how it is actively contributing to the green recovery. 
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Planetiers World Gathering
TVI, 18 October 2020 
In this Planetiers World Gathering episode, BBI JU project BioBridges presents how it is promoting the bioeconomy and facilitating dialogue between the stakeholders involved. 
Read more: Portuguese & English 

Replacing toxic solvents with renewable alternatives 
Agro & Chemistry, 15 October 2020 
On the occasion of its launch, BBI JU project ReSolute describes how it aims to create a new, sustainably-sourced, safer alternative to traditional, fossil-based solvents. 
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The BARBARA Project - transforming food by-products into useful raw materials 
Euronews, 15 October 2020 
In this episode, Euronews shows us how BBI JU-funded BARBARA project develops new materials from waste products which, via 3D-printing, can then be used for a wide range of products. 
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Bio-Based Economy as a Driver for the Development of Bulgaria 
Banker, 14 October 2020 
Bulgaria has an excellent potential to promote bioeconomy, but a bold and ambitious vision for its development is needed. This is according to the results of the study entitled "Quantitative assessment of biomass in Bulgaria and its possibilities for sustainable use", prepared by the WWF. The environmental organisation WWF participated as a co-organizer of a session organised during the European Commission's Green Week, within the BBI JU project "Central European Leaders of Bioeconomy Network" – CELEBio
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El proyecto Barbara fabrica piezas a partir de nuevos materiales biobasados con desperdicios alimentarios 
Anales sectoriales - Interempresas, 09 October 2020 
BBI JU-funded BARBARA project describes the development of bio-based materials and technological advances in 3D printing and how these have made it possible to develop functional prototypes for the automotive industry and construction. 
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Sustainable Innovations Hosts Co-Creation Workshop To Define Training For SMEs And Clusters 
Business Review, 06 October 2020 
Sustainable Innovations, a Spanish consultancy company, hosts a co-creation workshop on 29 October, aiming at defining the Capacity Building programmes for clusters and their Business Support programmes. The session is held within the framework of the BBI JU project MPOWERBIO
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Biopheromones are going to replace insecticides (except in Europe) 
Agro & Chemistry, 05 October 2020 
Chemical pheromones are already on the market for some time now, but their high prices are the main reason for farmers not to use them. BioPhero developed a method to make pheromones biosynthetically and cost effectively, by means of fermentation techniques. The company announced that they were able to scale up to a commercial production scale, thanks to funding by the BBI JU to the project PHERA
Read more: English 

European green deal: Old versus new economy 
Agro & Chemistry, 02 October 2020 
In this article about the EU Green Deal, Philippe Mengal talks about the contribution of BBI JU and its successor to the achievement of the Deal’s goals. 
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Leadership? Vision, courage and a bit of folly 
Circular conversations, October 2020 
In this interview, Giulio Bonazzi, the Chairman and CEO of Aquafil, talks about how his company has been involved with transformative products and projects such as BBI JU’s Effective, working on the present and future of Nylon 6. 
Read more: English

Bioplaguicidas para ayudar a salvar el patrimonio olivarero
Sevilla Actualidad, 15 September 2020
The local newspaper explains how BBI JU-funded BIOVEXO project is planning to fight the Xylella pest in olive trees with sustainable bio-based pesticides.
Read more: Spanish

Regions must step up to promote a green transformation of Europe’s bioeconomy
ScienceBusiness, 10 September 2020
BBI JU Executive Director Philippe Mengal took part in a workshop to make recommendations for the green recovery of Europe. Participants agreed on recommending regional development of the bio-based economy at the regional level and a systemic approach that ensures continuity at European level. 
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€1.1 billion requested for BBI JU projects
Agro&Chemistry, 5 September 2020
The outlet highlights the main data from the closure of the 2020 Call for proposals from BBI JU.
Read more: English

EU-funded BIOMOTIVE project seeking to develop bio-based products for automotive
Sustainable BUS, 4 September 2020
The specialised news outlet features BBI JU BIOMOTIVE project. The article explains how the promising results from the project might be available on the market at the end of 2021.
Read more: English

Upcycling food waste into new proteins and ingredients
Food Manufacture, 21 August 2020
The creation of highly-valuable plant-based ingredients by BBI JU-funded project Pro-Enrich is featured in the specialised portal. The project uses by-products and waste from agriculture and food producers to boost the circularity of resources.
Read more: English

BioBridges: a way to the market
BE Sustainable, July 2020
The specialised magazine reviews the main learnings from the BBI JU-funded BIOBRIDGES project.
Read more: English (pages 39-41)

Agricultura y CTA presentan una plataforma para acelerar la digitalización del sector de la biomasa
La Razón, 16 July 2020
The Spanish newspaper highlights the platform created by ICT-Biochain.
Read more: Spanish

España coordina el proyecto europeo BeonNAT
RTVE Castilla y León, 16 July 2020
The Spanish broadcaster features the new BBI JU BeonNAT project in its news show. The reporter underlines that the project will use barren land to grow biomass sustainably. Moreover, he emphasises the contribution of projects of this kind to develop rural areas economically and fight against depopulation.
Watch it: Spanish (from 5:03 to 6:43)

BIOBRIDGES: a way to market
BE Sustainable, 6 July 2020
The magazine highlights the co-creation workshops launched by the BBI JU BIOBRIDGES project to stimulate cooperation and partnerships between consumers, brand owners and the bio-based industries.
Read more: English (page 39 to 41)

Increasing efficiency and economic gains in sustainable forestry and harvesting operations
BE Sustainable, 6 July 2020
The BBI JU-funded project TECH4EFFECT has launched the Silvismart platform to increase the industry's efficiency.
Read more: English (page 9 to 11)

Annual Activity Report BBI JU published 
Agro&Chemistry, 3 July 2020
The specialised outlet highlights the BBI JU AAR 2019. They underline that the '101 BBI JU grants showed a significant contribution in terms of socio-economic and environmental impact, while maintaining a strong drive for innovative small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and high involvement of the scientific community.'
Read more: English

BBI JU publiceert jaarverslag
BioBased Economy, 3 July 2020
The BBI JU AAR 2019 is announced in this news article that highlights that BBI JU-funded projects reduce energy consumption, improve land use and water efficiency and develop more sustainable use of natural and existing unused resources.
Read more: Dutch

European biodegradable fishing gear and clothing project unveiled
Bio Market Insights, 25 June 2020
The new BBI JU GLAUKOS project will reduce ocean pollution by developing innovative and eco-friendly textile fibres and textile coatings that combine excellent technical performance with a low environmental impact.
Read more: English

Ÿnsect erhält Zulassung für Dünger auf Insektenbasis
topagrar online, 25 June 2020
Ÿnsect, the coordinator of the BBI JU FARMŸNG project obtained the green light to commercialise organic insect-based fertiliser. The facilities where they produced this compost are part of the FARMŸNG project, even though the product itself is not.
Read more: German

EU puts $20m into building a sugarbeet biorefinery to make organic acids
AFN, 18 June 2020
AFTERBIOCHEM, one of the Call 2019 flagship projects, kicked off in June. The article underlines that the project 'foresees “50+ direct jobs and up to 200 indirect jobs” in manufacturing, construction, and engineering. Additionally, the team behind the project will study if the project could be duplicated in other parts of Europe or elsewhere around the world.'
Read more: English

Ÿnsect va commercialiser le premier engrais à base d'insectes
Les Echos, 17 June 2020
The SME coordinating the BBI JU FARMŸNG project was granted permission to commercialise its insect-based compost by the French agency for food health. Even though the development is not part of the FARMŸNG project, they share the same species of worms and facilities.
Read more: French

BBI JU promotes its bio-based project achievements via launch of new publication
Bio Market Insights, 17 June 2020
The specialised portal features the latest publication BBI JU: a high-impact initiative for green recovery of Europe, highlighting that 'by using mostly organic waste and sidestreams from agro-food industry and forestry, leveraging investments and creating jobs in rural areas, these projects are paving the way for a truly circular economy in Europe.'
Read more: English

Impact of BBI JU for the green recovery of Europe
Agro & Chemistry, 16 June 2020
The article underlines the achievements of BBI JU projects included in our latest publication. The outlet emphasises that 'the vast majority of BBI JU projects are developing new sustainable biobased chemicals, materials and products with a lower environmental impact than their fossil-based alternatives.'
Read more: English and Dutch

Nieuwe publicatie BBI JU over de bijdrage aan een groen Europa
BioBased Economy. 16 June 2020
The article features the publication BBI JU: a high-impact initiative for green recovery of Europe. It highlights BBI JU Executive Director Philippe Mengal stating that 'we have achieved this while contributing to the fight against climate change and the protection of the environment.'
Read more: Dutch

Chimie verte  : Afyren convainc 12 partenaires et l'Europe pour son projet de bioraffinerie
La Tribune, 12 June 2020
The newspaper highlights the success of the AFTERBIOCHEM project in being selected as a BBI JU flagship.
Read more: French

Nicolas Sordet (Afyren) : Afyren obtient un financement européen de 20 millions d’euros
BFM Business, 11 June 2020
TV interview with the CEO of Afyren, the SME leading the BBI JU AFTERBIOCHEM flagship project. He stressed that the biorefinery would operate in a fully circular mode using waste from the sugar industry. The production is expected to drastically reduce the CO2 emissions of the industry by two thirds.
Watch it: French

CTA y Sustainable Innovations impulsan un proyecto europeo para transformar productos en bienes bio
La Razón, 10 June 2020
The new BBI JU BIOSWITCH project features in one of the main Spanish newspapers. The article explains how the consortium is going to help brand owners to make the switch into bio-based products. It also highlights that Andalusia, Spain, will be one of the focus areas of the projects.
Read more: Spanish

‘From fossil-based to bio-based’
Innovators, 10 June 2020
The magazine highlights how the BIOSWITCH project will support businesses transition into the bio-based economy by providing them with information and assessment tools.
Read more: English

Tecnología verde para dar nueva vida a los residuos agroalimentarios
Ecoticias, 10 June 2020
The newspaper specialised in environment explains how the new BBI JU MODEL2BIO will predict the residues from agriculture in order to valorise them.
Read more: Spanish

Jerónimo Franco (SAV): "Con los proyectos europeos WaystUP! y HOOP hemos situado a la región a la vanguardia europea de la economía circular"
Valencia Plaza, 5 June 2020
The BBI JU-funded project RECOVER is mentioned as an example of waste reduction in agriculture.
Read more: Spanish

Inside the VALUEMAG project: a revolutionary, innovative, and eco-friendly solution to significantly reduce algae harvesting costs
Bio Market Insights, 4 June 2020
The BBI JU-funded project VALUEMAG is developing an advanced magnetic method for micro-algae cultivation and uses this knowledge to produce micro-algae for food, cosmetic and nutraceutical use at minimum possible cost.
Read more: English

New BBI JU projects aimed at accelerating bio-based transition
Agro&Chemistry, 3 June 2020
The article highlights how the new BBI JU Allthings.bioPRO and BIOSWITCH projects will support the transition into a bio-based economy by engaging with citizens and helping businesses.
Read more: English

Tom van Aken (Avantium): wereldwijde aandacht voor de afbreekbare fles
BNR, 1 June 2020
The coordinator of BBI JU PEFerence flagship project explains the choice of Delfzijl, the Netherlands, for the construction of the biorefinery. He highlights how the plant will rely on existing petrochemical skilled workers and infrastructure, thus enabling the reconversion into a more sustainable industry.
Listen (from 24:00 to 47:20): Dutch

Model2Bio supports reuse of food industry waste streams
Agro&Chemistry, 31 May 2020
The BBI JU Model2Bio project aims to develop an instrument to predict residual flows of organic material from the food industry and to identify the best routes for recycling this waste.
Read more: English

Ready meal trays from BBI JU funded FRESH project Biobased Material of the Year
Agro&Chemistry, 28 May 2020
The bio-based and compostable packaging developed by the BBI JU FRESH project has been awarded the 'Bio-based Material of the Year 2020'.
Read more: English

Biofractionation flagship plant project – SWEETWOODS – presses ahead
Bio Market Insights, 26 May 2020
The building of our SWEETWOODS project biorefinery is making progress, despite the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The project has finished the 1st phase of constructions of the fractionation plant in Imavere, Estonia.
Read more: English

Big companies support plant-based beer and soft drinks bottles
Agro&Chemistry, 17 May 2020
The coordinator of the PEFerence project, Avantium, will establish different partnerships with food and drink companies to produce bio-based bottles. 
Read more: English

The end of plastic? New plant-based bottles will degrade in a year
The Guardian, 16 May 2020
Avantium, the coordinator of the PEFerence project, will produce bio-based bottles for multinational companies.
Read more: English

An exclusive interview with Philippe Mengal, Director of BBI JU. 'The bio-based sector can be a key contributor to the Europe’s recovery'
ll Bioeconomista, 11 May 2020
BBI JU Executive Director Philippe Mengal discusses the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on the bioeconomy and the role the bio-based industries can play in the economic recovery.
Read more: English

Un progetto europeo per il settore tessile
Green Planner Magazine, 28 April 2020
GRETE is an innovative BBI JU project that applies bio-based and sustainable solutions to the textile industry to help reduce its environmental impact.
Read more: Italian

BBI JU published clear booklet about Call 2020 
Agro&Chemistry, 08 April 2020 
The specialised magazine reported about the publication of the BBI JU Call 2020 booklet. Executive Director Philippe Mengal was quoted remarking that ‘the industry is maturing and our projects are delivering concrete results.’ 
Read: English 

ICT-BIOCHAIN presenta su plataforma para digitalizar la cadena de suministro de biomasa
RETEMA, 31 March 2020
The BBI JU-funded CSA ICT-BIOCHAIN project launched the online platform that connects biomass suppliers with actors needing feedstock.
Read more: Spanish

Urbiofin, un proyecto que convierte el bioetanol en bioetileno y limpia el biogás de siloxanos
Energías Renovables, 25 March 2020
This online magazine specialised in clean energies showcases the work of the BBI JU-funded URBIOFIN project, which transforms municipal solid waste into bio-based chemicals.
Read more: Spanish

From worthless leaves to valuable powder
Wageningen World, 16 March 2020
The BBI JU GreenProtein project stars in this new magazine. The article explains how the project is using the beet leaves, that used to be left behind in the fields, to produce a plant-based protein that may replace animal protein in food.
Read more: English (from page 18)

Una empresa valenciana produeix envasos biodegradables a partir de residus orgànics
À Punt TV, 02 February 2020
Researchers from the BBI JU-funded USABLE PACKAGING project explain the benefits of the bio-based packaging that biodegrades in only 20 days. It is currently used to package food and creams and also to make straws.
Watch it: Catalan

Ενημερωτικές ημερίδες για τη νέα Σύμπραξη Βιο-βασισμένων Εταιρειών στην Ευρώπη (BBI JU)
BIOENERGY NEWS, 29 January 2020
Presentation of the BBI JU call for project proposals 2020 in Greece. During the event, there were also presentations of Greek organisations involved in BBI JU-funded projects.
Read more: Greek

La UA crea piezas de coches a partir de desechos agrícolas
Cadena COPE Alicante, 19 December 2019
A researcher from the BBI JU BARBARA project explains in this Spanish radio station how the project is converting agricultural waste into valuable bio-based products.
Listen to it: Spanish (from minute 31 onwards)

Scientists unearth the secrets of mushroom compost
Euronews, 16 December 2019
Report by Euronews on BIOrescue achievements transforming mushroom compost into bio-based products.
Watch it: English
Read more: English, French, German, ItalianSpanish, Portuguese, Hungarian, Greek

Cáscaras de limón, granada, brócoli o almendra se usarán para fabricar el salpicadero de tu coche
Cadena SER Alicante, 12 December 2019
A researcher from the BBI JU BARBARA project explains in this Spanish radio station what bioeconomy is about and how the project is converting agricultural waste into valuable bio-based products.
Listen to it: Spanish

Developing Ireland's bioeconomy
Irish Times, 11 December 2019
The Chair of the BBI JU Scientific Committee Kevin O'Connor is interviewed after being named Ireland Researched of the Year. In this news article, both BBI JU and our AgriChemWhey project are mentioned to explain the role of the bio-based industries in Ireland and Europe.
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How the BBI JU empowers SMEs across Europe to innovate and grow
BioMarketInsights, 11 December 2019
Yet, just like a seed sometimes needs help to grow into a flower, SMEs also need a hand with their development, especially those involved in the bio-based industrial sector. This is because they often lack capital, but lead in innovation. Sometimes they also need guidance and expertise to develop their products. This is where the Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI JU) fits in.
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Meet three European pioneers leading the blue bioeconomy revolution
BioMarketInsights, 29 November 2019
Comprehensive article about the contribution of BBI JU to the development of the blue bioeconomy in Europe. The BBI JU AQUABIOPRO-FITABACUS and BIOSEA projects are explained as examples in the field.
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Grand format: Matériaux tous azimuts
En Direct, 14 November 2019
This French magazine explains the achievements of BBI JU SSUCHY project while reviewing the materials of tomorrow. The article highlights several applications of SSUCHY's innovations, such as an electric scooter chassis and a dashboard for the cockpit of an electric plane.
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Imprese al top nell’innovazione avanzata
La Reppublica, 06 November 2019
The BBI JU BiOPEN project is mentioned in this report by the Italian newspaper about BiOPEN's coordinator CiaoTech.
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Ruim 30 experts Europese bio-economie op BBI JU Stakeholder Forum
Agro&Chemie, 23 October 2019
This specialised media on bio-based and circular economy published the main highlights about the BBI JU Stakeholder Forum 2019.
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Graanul Invest flagship plant received the cornerstone
Bio-based news, 22 October 2019
The BBI JU SWEETWOODS project laid the cornerstone for its flagship biorefinery. The purpose of the plant, which will be constructed in Estonia, next to Imavere pellet plant, is development and production of biomaterials from low-quality wood residues. In result of temperature, pressure and mechanical force, the innovative technology of the plant splits wood fibers into basic elements – high-purity lignin and wood sugars, which enable use in several industries.
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Project focus: How BBI JU is helping businesses to repurpose waste to drive new circular economic models
BioMarketInsights, 17 October 2019
As a conversation piece, the circular economy is on everyone’s lips. It’s not just a buzzword. With the global population predicted to approach 9 billion people by 2030, we are using more resources than the planet can provide. To address this, the Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI JU), a €3.7 billion institutional public-private partnership between the European Union and the Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC), has encouraged bio-based industry stakeholders to move away from the linear take-make-dispose model by using waste as a feedstock to contribute to a circular economic model.
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De dañar el planeta a crear valor
Diario de Valladolid, 15 October 2019
The Spanish newspaper highlights the achievements of the BBI JU-funded URBIOFIN and DEEP PURPLE projects as a milestone to transform greenhouse gases into valuable bio-based products.
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Four EU-funded projects joined forces to raise awareness on bio-based products during the EXPO “Science is Wonderful!”
Biobridges, 15 October 2019
On 25 and 26 September 2019, BIOWAYS, Biobridges, LIFT – three projects funded by the Bio-Based Industries Joint Undertaking – and BIOVOICES joined forces and created the Bioeconomy Village at the 2019 edition of Science is Wonderful!, held in conjunction with the first edition of the European Research and Innovation Days.
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High-impact bio-based initiative for a circular Europe
POLITICO, 10 October 2019
The Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking delivers substantial socio-economic and environmental benefits to Europe, actively contributing to the European Green Deal.
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À défaut de biocarburants, les micro-algues prolifèrent pour d’autres industries
Industrie & Technologies, 04 October 2019
The BBI JU ABACUS project hosted the European workshop 'Alg'in Provence' in Arles, France. The main discussions revolved around the potentiality of valorising microalgae for industrial applications ranging from cosmetics and food ingredients to bioplastics and biofuels.
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New first-of-its-kind zero-waste biorefinery project to produce proteins for food feedstocks
Bridge2Food, 01 October 2019
Ten partners from industry & research launch a project (known as PLENITUDE) to build a first-of-its-kind, large-scale, integrated biorefinery facility to produce proteins for food from low-cost sustainable feedstocks.
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Achievements of a high-impact initiative for a circular Europe
ScienceBusiness, 27 September 2019
Did you know that renewable biological resources such as waste, agricultural and forestry residues, and aquatic biomass can be used to produce greener everyday products such as food and cosmetics, as well as animal feed, bio-based chemicals, textiles, and biodegradable packaging?
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Microalgues : Microphyt obtient le feu vert pour attaquer le marché américain
La Tribune Occitanie-Montpellier, 26 September 2019
ABACUS beneficiary Microphyt has received the green light for the commercialisation of a food complement based on microalgae in the US. This development is part of the efforts by this BBI JU-funded project.
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BBI JU 2014-2019: achievements of a high-impact initiative for the bioeconomy in Europe
Parliament Magazine, 23 September 2019
In Europe the bio-based industries sector is already worth 700 billion euros and employs 3.2 million people, but it faces complex and substantial technology and innovation challenges. Full deployment of such technologies onto the market requires sustainable sourcing of biomass, as well as new business models, which integrate all the economic actors across the value chains. The complexity of such an endeavour dictates the necessity to foster collaborations not only across sectors but also across borders. An institutional private public-partnership was therefore needed to ensure the full deployment of the bioeconomy in Europe.
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New Ingredient Sources: Mycoprotein. Jim Laird (3F BIO)
Bridge2Food, 11 September 2019
3F BIO CEO Jim Laird explains the role mycoprotein can play in making more sustainable the consumption of proteins. Laird also highlights that BBI JU is 'a great example of leadership in encouraging new bio-based solutions'. 3F BIO is coordinating the BBI JU PLENITUDE flagship project. PLENITUDE aims to develop a sustainable mycoprotein biorefinery process capable of offsetting more than 11 million tonnes of CO2 per year and reducing water consumption.
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How BBI JU has built the model for the successful expansion of Europe’s growing bioeconomy
BioMarketInsights, 04 September 2019
Since 2014, the standard-bearer for the development of the bioeconomy in Europe both from a socio-economic and environmental perspective has been the Bio-Based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI JU). In the past five years, BBI JU has played a crucial role in delivering investment that clearly states the importance and potential of bio-based industries to the future of Europe, and perhaps most crucially helps de-risk projects by providing EU funding and helping mobilise and leverage private investments.
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Trois nouveaux projets pour réduire l'impact de l’alimentation animale
Process Alimentaire, 02 September 2019
FARMYNG, one of the newest BBI JU flagship projects, features as a solution to sustainably produce feed in France. The article also highlights that the project expects to create 1,200 direct and indirect jobs.
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Sam Dilcock celebrates rural life in North Yorkshire
BBC Radio York, 28 August 2019
Interview to researchers of the Biorenewables Development Centre, where BioVale, a BBI JU AgriMax project beneficiary, is based. They use AgriMax as an example of bio-based innovations related to agricultural waste.
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Feeding the 11 billion: the small Dutch town ending our food crisis
Wired UK, 20 August 2019
The BBI JU MAGNIFICIENT project features in this article covering the different approaches that the Wageningen University and Research (WUR) is adopting to tackle the challenge of feeding the growing global population. The WUR is a beneficiary of 10 BBI JU projects and coordinates the MAGNIFICIENT project, which stars in the Fuelling green growth section of the article.
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Eesti ühe jõukama töösturi firma napsas suure eurotoetuse
Postimees, 06 August 2019
The BBI JU VEHICLE project is building a plant that uses hardwood residues as raw materials, breaking down the pulp into novel biomaterials.
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Affordable and scalable: 3F BIO's 'first-of-its-kind' mycoprotein biorefinery
Food Navigator, 23 July 2019
BBI JU PLENITUDE flagship project will increase the availability of sustainable, high-quality food protein to meet growing global demand.
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The Numbers Don’t Add up for Meat-Free Future, says 3F BIO Founder in €17m Alt Protein Partnership
Agfunder news, 22 July 2019
Our PLENITUDE flagship project will produce a plant-based protein that is 50% more cost-efficient than meat alternatives. It is based on grains and is called mycoprotein.
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Car parts from weeds: The future of green motoring?
BBC NEWS, 19 July 2019
In an article covering different ways of making car manufacturing more sustainable, the BBI JU BIOMOTIVE project features as a positive example. The project is working to reduce the carbon footprint of cars by using bioplastics, which are more sustainable than the fossil-based materials employed so far.
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Eesti esirikas asub ehitama uudset puidutehast
Postimees, 08 July 2019
Graanul Biotech granted the permit to build a wood-based demo plant in Järva, Estonia, as a part of the SWEETWOODS project.
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Final Event marks a next phase for Pilots4U
Agro&Chemistry, 26 June2019
With more than 450 registered open access pilot research facilities and more than 100 participating organizations in 20 countries, the BBI JU Pilots4U project can certainly be called a success. 
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6,3 milioni di euro per la ricerca biobased
GreenPlanner Magazine, 26 June 2019
INGREEN project aims to promote waste and by-products from the agri-food industry and paper mills, transforming them into bio-based ingredients, through sustainable and industrially validated biotechnological processes.
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Al via Ingreen, nuovi prodotti per la bioeconomia
Yahoo Italia, 21 June 2019
INGREEN project aims to produce new high-quality biobased food, feed, cosmetic or pharmaceutical prototypes, more sustainable and more effective than the products on the market today.
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Europe's flourishing bioeconomy
Euronews, 14 June 2019
MetGen is a beneficiary of BIOFOREVERBIOrescueSWEETWOODSUNRAVEL and WoodZymes projects.
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Boosting Europe's bioeconomy
Euronews, 14 June 2019
Interview to Johanna Buchert, Vice-Chair of the BBI JU Scientific Committee and the President and CEO of the Natural Resources Institute Finland (LUKE).
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La start-up Ynsect reçoit 20 millions d'euros de la Commission européenne
Les Echos, 11 June 2019
Philippe Mengal:
« Ce projet phare, FARMYNG, va contribuer […] à l'objectif stratégique […] qui est de réduire la dépendance de l'Union européenne vis-à-vis des importations massives de protéines », complète Philippe Mengal, directeur exécutif de l'agence Bio-Based Industries, cité dans le communiqué.
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Ynsect fourmille d’ambitions avec sa ferme de scarabées
Le Figaro, 11 June 2019
Kick-off about the new French flagship project: FARMYNG.
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Alimentation : comment la start-up française Ynsect veut devenir le plus grand producteur d’insectes du monde
franceinfo, 11 June 2019
Interview to the coordinator of FARMYNG project.
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How companies across Europe are creating sustainable products using no fossil fuels
Euronews, 31 June 2019
The work of the BBI JU-funded EXILVA project is featured in a report as an example of bio-based solutions that can substitute oil-based products. Starting from 8’ 44’’, the video shows the biorefinery that this project is using to transform Norwegian spruce into microfibrillated cellulose (MFC).
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Biomass: The Role of Science and Science-Based Policy-Making
REVOLVE, 23 May 2019
The BBI JU is featured as an example of the European Commission commitment to ensure research and innovation in biomass and bioenergy.
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Du plastique créé à partir de biodéchets chez Celabor
VEDIA, 22 November 2018
Bioplastic created from food waste in the BARBARA project.
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