The Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI JU) wants to contribute to a more resource-efficient and sustainable low-carbon economy, as well as increase economic growth and employment, in particular in rural and coastal areas.

This is achieved by developing competitive bio-based industries sector based on advanced biorefineries that source their biomass sustainably in Europe. 

The Council Regulation (EU) No 560/2014 of 6 May establishes BBI JU and sets up its objectives: 

  • Demonstrate technologies that enable new bio-based chemical building blocks, materials, and consumer products and bring them closer to the market to replace fossil-based alternatives
  • Develop business models that foster the collaboration between stakeholders from across Europe along the entire value chains
  • Set up flagship biorefineries that deploy such technologies and business models to demonstrate that cost and performance of bio-based products are competitive with those of their fossil-based alternatives

The achievements of BBI JU in meeting these objectives show that it is a high-impact initiative already contributing to the EU Green Deal.