The BBI JU Programme Office monitors very closely every aspect of the programme implementation to report on its activities, to anticipate potential issues and to plan corrective actions where a deviation from the achievement of objectives is identified. Additionally, it reports to the Governing Board, to the advisory bodies and publishes the Annual Activity Report (AAR). 

The monitoring covers:

  • Project outputs - the immediate project results, mainly based on Horizon 2020 KPIs, statistics, further indicators linked to programme execution and cross-cutting issues. 
  • Project outcomes - mid-term results obtained during the project activity based on BBI JU-specific KPIs described in the Strategic Innovation and Research Agenda (SIRA), measured against yearly project reporting and agreed objectives. 
  • Expected socio-economic and environmental impact of the BBI JU projects based on a yearly survey about their expected contribution to different social, economic and environmental aspects set out in the SIRA and in the EU Bioeconomy Strategy. Project coordinators provide a qualitative description of their contribution, as well as quantitative information and examples, if available. 
  • The leverage effect of public funding on private investment and financial contribution is monitored on a yearly basis. The BBI JU reports in the Annual Activity Report in-kind contribution in projects (IKOP), financial contributions between partners and in-kind additional activities (IKAA). 
  • Efficiency monitoring of the Programme Office based on Horizon 2020 KPIs.