BBI JU Governing Board

The BBI JU Governing Board is the main decision-making body of the BBI JU. It carries the overall responsibility for the operations of the undertaking: implementation of activities, approval of the annual implementation plan, budget, account as well as the list of selected project proposals. It therefore guarantees the fulfilment of the objectives set by the Joint Undertaking.

The Governing Board is composed of 10 Board members representing equally the two BBI JU's Founding Partners: 5 from the European Commission and 5 from the Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC) representing the bio-based Industries in Europe.

More information on the functioning and tasks of the Governing Board.

Members of the Governing Board

European Commission members*

(*): As designated by their post according to Commission Decision 8958 (2019) of 17 December 2019

Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC) members

Decisions taken by the BBI JU Governing Board: