CBE JU states' representatives group

The states’ representatives group is one of the advisory bodies of CBE JU. The group provides to the CBE JU Governing Board the opinion of the EU’s Member States and Associated Countries on the operations of CBE JU, and in particular on:

  • Progress of the programme implementation
  • Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda
  • Draft annual work plan and activity report of CBE JU
  • Measures taken to address specific objectives of the initiative

The states’ representatives group also provides to the CBE JU Governing Board information on regional and national research and innovation programmes and other initiatives aiming to improve and deploy relevant technologies and innovative solutions, with a view to ensure complementarities and synergies with the CBE JU programme.

See the group’s full list of tasks outlined in  Article 20 of the Council regulation (EU) 2021/2085 of 19 November 2021.

Members of the states’ representatives group

Currently there are 31 main members and 29 alternate members in the group.

Ms. Agata Foks, the Polish representative, is the Chair of the states’ representatives group. Mr. Fabio Fava, the Italian representative, is the group’s Vice-Chair.

See the full list of members