CBE JU Scientific Committee

Call for the expression of interest - CBE JU Scientific Committee

CBE JU has launched a call for the expression of interest to draw up a shortlist of candidates for the appointment of members to its Scientific Committee. Applicants must have expertise, education and professional experience in one or more areas relevant to the work of the CBE JU, as specified in the call for the expression of interest, as well as a very good command of English. Staff of the European Commission, the Joint Research Centre, Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC) or full member organisations of BIC, as well as officials of Member States, and of national, regional or local authorities are not eligible candidates.

How to apply

Send a completed application form and your CV to SC.candidates@cbe.europa.eu by 23 January 2022 noon CET.

Relevant information

About CBE JU Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee is an advisory body of tCBE JU. Its objective is to provide advice on the scientific priorities to be addressed in the CBE JU’s work programme in line with the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda and the Horizon Europe strategic planning. The Scientific Committee members will help highlight scientific achievements of the programme, suggest corrective measures for the programme implementation when necessary, and provide independent scientific advice on specific issues on the request of the CBE JU’s Governing Board.

CBE JU Scientific Committee will be established by the second quarter of 2022. Please take a look at CBE JU's indicative timeline for more details.

Selection process

A panel composed of the European Commission and BIC representatives will select a list of eligible candidates in accordance with the call requirements. The CBE JU Governing Board will appoint 15 members to the Scientific Committee based on the evaluation results and ensuring thematic, geographical and gender balance. The Board will also draw up a reserve list of a maximum of 30 members.

The Scientific Committee members will be appointed for three years, with the possibility to renew their term once for three more years.