CBE JU Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee is one of the advisory bodies of CBE JU. Its role is to provide scientific advice and recommendations on the operations and programme implementation of CBE JU, as well as on key strategic and programming documents, such as the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda, draft annual work plans and annual activity reports. The Scientific Committee may also issue recommendations on other measures taken to address specific objectives of the initiative.  

See the Committee’s full list of tasks outlined in  Articles 21 and 55 of the Council regulation (EU) 2021/2085 of 19 November 2021.

Members of the Scientific Committee

Collectively, members of the Scientific Committee demonstrate strong expertise and competence to make science-based recommendations to the CBE JU. They are appointed by the CBE JU’s Governing Board based on their qualifications and do not represent any country or entity. 

The Scientific Committee is composed of 15 members. Dr Helena Vieira is the Chair and Dr Piergiuseppe Morone the Vice-Chair of the Committee.

See the full list of members