Balanced and transparent governance

The bodies of CBE JU are:

  • Governing Board is the main decision-making body of CBE JU. An equal number of representatives from the European Union and BIC composes the Governing Board. The Board supervises the implementation of the CBE JU’s objectives, adopts its Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda, as well as its yearly work programme and budget, and approves the annual activity report of CBE JU, among other tasks.
  • Executive Director is the chief executive in charge of the CBE JU’s day-to-day management by implementing Governing Board decisions and is accountable to the Governing Board. The Executive Director is the CBE JU’s legal representative and manages the Programme Office that implements CBE JU actions.
  • States’ Representatives Group provides the opinion of EU’s Member States and associated countries on the operations of CBE JU, and among others on the progress of the programme implementation, the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda, annual work programme and activity report, as well as measures taken to address specific objectives of the initiative.
  • Scientific Committee provides advice on the scientific priorities to be addressed in the CBE JU’s work programme in line with the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda and the Horizon Europe strategic planning; helps highlight scientific achievements of the programme; suggests corrective measures for the programme implementation when necessary, and provides independent scientific advice on specific issues at the request of the Governing Board.
  • Deployment Groups bring together a wide range of CBE JU’s stakeholders to advise the Governing Board on issues related to the deployment of sustainable bio-based solutions.